The Perfect Gifts for Your Friends and Family Based on their Zodiac Sign

We’ve written before about the ideal exercise and sleep choices for each sign of the zodiac, but with the holiday season we thought it was the perfect time to put together a zodiac gift guide!

We all want to choose something special for our loved ones, but sometimes it can be hard to find a gift that is meaningful to them. Of course, we are all unique and our own likes and preferences aren’t strictly based upon our zodiac sign but taking the general characteristics of each sign into consideration can help you in your quest to finding the perfect holiday gifts.

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Happy shopping!


Aries love fun, activity, and socializing- they’re definitely not the ones you’ll find hibernating over the winter months! Gifts that are fun, colorful, and unique (like a statement necklace or flashy heels) are bound to win them over. Unlike some other signs, Aries is not the type to want a practical gift, so leave the day planners and kitchen accessories off their list!

In addition to fun, flashy items, Aries also love gifts that are experiences rather than objects. Taking them out for cocktails or signing them up for a cool workout class will be right up their alley.


Sensual, luxurious gifts are always a win for Taureans, especially when they appeal to their love for nature. Handcrafted items, plants, crystals, essential oil-based perfumes, and natural linens are all examples of items that incorporate their love of the physical world and luxury. Consider the dreamy pillows and duvets from our Down collection for a gift that meets all of their criteria.


Social Geminis love to communicate and spend time with friends, so any gift that emphasizes this will really get their hearts fluttering. Try a stylish new phone case, friendship necklaces, or a social outing on you.

Thanks to the duality of their nature, Geminis love variety, so consider a series of smaller gifts rather than one large present to really tap into their multifaceted desires.


Cancers are among the most sensitive souls of the zodiac, and they need lots of grounding and nourishment to keep themselves feeling their best. Wellness items are a great way to go here, and things like journals, yoga classes, cozy sweaters, and herbal teas are all examples of gifts that will help them to feel supported and balanced.

Because they are so sensitive and in tune, Cancers are also among the signs most likely to love and appreciate a homemade gift.


Bold Leos aren’t ones to shy away from color and pizzaz, so brighten up their holidays with an eye-catching and flashy gift. While they love sparkly and exciting presents, they are also among the warmest and most caring signs, and the act of receiving a gift from a loved one will warm the hearts even more than the gift itself.


This practical sign will love a gift that is tied in with organization and structure. This doesn’t have to be boring though! A beautiful day planner, stylish workout clothes, or cool new kitchen gadget are all examples of exciting, yet practical, items that Virgos will adore.


Librans love luxury and beauty, so you can generally expect them to have a lengthy wish list! They’re also generally quite vocal about their likes and dislikes, so narrowing down a gift shouldn’t be too tricky.

Whatever gift you go with, large or small, opt for quality over quantity. A luxurious pair of reading socks, for example, would be more exciting to them than a bag full of discount items.

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Scorpios are known for their passionate and fiery nature, so anything that appeals to their senses is perfect. A spa gift card, concert tickets, or bottle of wine are all great options. Candles are also a great choice (we recommend our essential oil scented soy candles).

Their fiery nature can often benefit from a dose of calm to keep them balanced out, so you can also consider something to add a little zen into their life, like a meditation book, incense, or Reiki session.


This sign thrives on travel and adventure, so a gift that appeals to their sense of wanderlust is perfect! Framed photos of one of their trips, camping gear, or a travel guide are all great presents that will leave them dreaming about their next destination.

This sign is also among the most active, so other great gift ideas include gym classes, workout clothes, and anything that will get them moving!


Hard working Capricorns can always use a little pampering and relaxation in their lives. Help them to unwind this holiday season with a face mask, spa trip, or meditation class. Our line of warming products includes eye masks and neck wraps- perfect for easing away tension and stress!


Aquarians are independent, forward thinking, and have a love for technology, so look for gifts that support both their leadership tendencies and their need for connection. Biographies of famous philanthropists and thought leaders, techie gadgets, and meditation classes are all great gifts that will help to further their noble pursuits.


Intuitive and imaginative Pisceans love gifts that allow them to express and explore their dreamy natures. Abstract prints, crystals, and art supplies are all gifts that help them to tap into their intuition and go with the flow traits.

Pisces are another gentle and loving sign that will love the thought put behind the gift even more than the gift itself.

We hope this guide serves as a fun way to get you started with your gift shopping this holiday season! To get started, check out our range of organic and fair-trade bedding products!

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