The Best Exercise for Your Astrological Sign

A few posts back, we talked about the sleeping habits for your astrological sign, and this week we’re continuing on that theme with a look at the best exercises for each sign of the zodiac.

While this may sound a bit woo-woo or out there, we think it’s actually a very eye-opening and fun way to look at exercise! As we all know, there’s no one-size-fits all approach to anything, but that can be easy to forget when we look to others for fitness inspiration (especially in the current age of Instagram and social media!).

For example, someone you know or follow may be thriving on an intense HIIT regime, but the same practice might leave you feeling drained and uninspired. As Astrology (and many other modalities) shows, different bodies, personality types, and constitutions are suited for different types of movement and activity. When we listen to our bodies and what we truly need, we can move and work out in a way that leaves us feeling our best.

Often times, exercise is treated like a four-letter word, but that could just be because most of us are forcing ourselves into exercises that aren’t right for us! Gentle, sensitive signs are going to dread a full intensity kickboxing class, while active fiery signs will feel miserable in a slow and gentle regime. Better understanding your zodiac sign is a fun way to gain clarity on what may suit you best.

As always, remember that these are simply guidelines and suggestions. Only you know what is right for you and your body, so prioritize that over a generalized format!


As a driven and naturally competitive sign, you’ll thrive in high intensity exercises that fire up your competitive and challenge loving nature. Try spin classes, HIIT workouts, or CrossFit classes, and make sure you’re tracking your progress as you go to motivate yourself. As a highly independent sign, Aries do well with exercise that allows them to work out individually and push past their own personal limits, rather than team or group-oriented workouts.


Taureans love the sensual side of life, so their go-to exercises will likely be the exact opposite of the down and dirty style Aries thrives on. Anything that involves grace, beauty, and fluidity will be a perfect fit for this refined sign. Their workout motto could be summed up as “why sweat when you can glow?” Ballet, barre, dance, and gentle movement classes are all great options to try.

People under this sign aren’t typically huge fans of working out, so finding something they truly enjoy is key to making it happen!


This social and fun-loving sign will love anything that involves friends and variety! You aren’t likely to find a Gemini sticking to a monotonous treadmill schedule or going through the same motions at the gym. Team sports, acrobatics, and interval training are all fun ways that let them fit fun into their workouts.


Cancers are a highly sensitive sign, so they thrive on exercise that is grounding and nourishing. The intense vibe of a Soul Cycle class will be like nails on a chalk board for their sensitive nature, and they’d do much better in a soulful yoga class that allows them to take care of themselves in body, mind, and soul. Unlike some signs, they tend to really enjoy a home practice rather than going to a studio or the gym as this allows them to flow intuitively through their workouts while feeling safe and supported in their space.


Forget home workouts, Leos want to see and be seen! To Leos, exercise is just one aspect of their workout routine- they’re also out to experience the hottest new studios and look good while doing it (this is the sign you’ll see in chic matching workout gear). Whatever is new and hip in the workout world is where you can expect to find them.


As one of the most practical signs in the zodiac, Virgos are at the gym to get things done. Unlike some other signs, exercise isn’t a social event or a fashion scene- it’s simply a way to stay healthy and fit. They thrive on Pilates, ballet, and barre classes which encourage precision and structure. However, it can also be beneficially for them to throw in the occasional fun class, like pole, or acrobatics, to help them lighten up!


Librans are both and refined, and these are two aspects that are also important to them when it comes to working out. You won’t find a Libra anywhere near a hard core, no frills gym. Instead, they’re likely to be hanging out at insta-worthy boutique studios with their stylish friends in tow. If it’s popular on the Gram, it’ll be popular with a Libran. It’s not just the studio that needs to be pretty though- Libras also thrive on exercise that emphasizes grace and poise.


This fiery sign loves a workout that will get their heart pumping. Scorpios are generally very passionate, and the right exercise can serve as not only a physical workout but also a super healthy way to release tensions and emotions. While they generally benefit from high intensity classes like kickboxing and HIIT, they should also mix in some calming and balancing routines to further help them process their emotions and balance a busy mind.


Sagittarius love adventure and nature, so anything outdoors is a perfect fit. Hiking, biking, trail running, and skating are all fun ways to balance exercise with their passion for action. This sign is also one of the most active and exercise loving signs, so it’s unlikely that they’ll need much motivation to hit the gym.


If anyone is going to stick to their new exercise regime of fitness focused NY resolution, it’s a Capricorn. This dependable sign values commitment and hard work, and like Virgos, they generally take a practical approach to fitness. Signing up for a weekly class or training for a marathon is something that a Capricorn will enjoy showing up for.


A fun and creative workout regime is the perfect match for Aquarians’ free-spirited nature- a standard gym routine likely won’t fly with them! To maximize their options, they should choose a gym or studio that offers a variety of classes so they can continually mix it up. This sign will be especially drawn to workouts that allow them to compete against themselves- something that appeals to their fiercely independent style.


These deep and intuitive souls will thrive on exercises that allow them to move freely, such as yoga and dance. And as a water sign, they love anything relating to water, including swimming, water aerobics, SUP-ing, or canoeing.

Working out for your astrology sign is just another way of seeing that everyone is unique and thrives under different conditions. We can always look to others for inspiration, but ultimately, only we know what is right for us. We hope this article helped to inspire you to take your own personal wants and needs into consideration when finding the right forms of exercise for you!

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