How to Create a Soothing Bedroom

In today’s crazy hectic world, it’s important to create a safe soothing place for ourselves where we can go to unwind and recharge, and there’s no better space for this than your bedroom!

In this post, we’re sharing some simple steps to creating your own cozy bedroom oasis.


Before you add anything, the first thing you’ll want to do is declutter your room. Take stock of everything in your closet and drawers, your décor, your bedding, and everything else in your space to see what can stay and what’s ready to go.

Having too much clutter can feel very chaotic and is definitely not soothing or relaxing, so this first step is essential. You can bag up anything you’re no longer using and donate it or give it to someone you know would enjoy it.

Stick to a neutral color palette

Color plays a huge role in setting the tone of a room, and for the most soothing atmosphere, you’ll want to stick with warm, neutral shades. Anything too bright and colorful can feel intense and takes away from a calming environment.

Instead, stick to a neutral color palette using natural tones found in nature. Whites, sands, greys, and soft greens or blues are perfect for a calming bedroom environment.

Decorate with natural elements

Another way to add to a relaxing atmosphere is to incorporate natural elements into your room. Nature is incredibly soothing, so bringing nature inside is a great way to enjoy the calming benefits of nature in your own room.

This can look a lot of different ways and be tailored to your style. Pampas grass and plants go great with a boho vibe, stone is perfect for a Japandi style room, and jute rugs and wood go perfect in a modern farmhouse style bedroom.

The most important thing is to bring in elements that really catch your eye and speak to you personally.

Choose high quality bedding

The bed is the most important piece in your bedroom, so making your bed as comfortable and soothing as possible is key to creating your bedroom oasis. Start with a good mattress and then layer with high quality, organic pillows, duvets, and bed sheets.

Having high quality bedding doesn’t just improve your sleep, but it also adds so much to the look and feel of your space. And by choosing organic bedding, you’re also protecting your health and the health of the planet.

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Diffuse essential oils

Scent plays a huge role in setting the tone of a space, and essential oils have been proven to have an actual physiological effect on us. Diffusing soothing or uplifting oils such as lavender, chamomile, and lemon don’t just make a space feel more relaxing, but they actually calm down our nervous systems.

Try diffusing relaxing oils, like lavender, in the evening, and uplifting, energizing oils, like lemon and peppermint, during the day.

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