How to Transition Your Bedding for Fall

Summer is officially over and the warm summer evenings have turned into crisp fall nights. As we transition into the fall and winter months, we love to transition our bedding as well! While in the summer we want bedding that will help us stay cool, as the temperature drops, we want to add extra layers and set up our beds to keep us warm and cozy.

Keep reading to see how you can transition your bedding for fall.

Switch to cozier sheets

In the summer and warmer months, we love a light and breathable sheet, like our percale cotton bedding, but as the cooler weather sets in, you want something a little cozier! Our sateen cotton bedding is slightly heavier than our percale cotton, so it’s great for the cooler months, and our linen bedding is a great year-round sheet because it’s temperature regulating, so you’ll stay cool in the summer and warm in the fall.

 And if you really want to take things to the next level, our brushed flannel sheets are a game changer! Just don’t blame us if you don’t emerge from bed until next spring.

Add a heavier duvet

A light duvet or even just a top sheet is all you need in the summer, but in the fall and winter, you want something a little heavier to keep you warm. Our all-season fill responsibly sourced down duvet is perfect for the cooler months.

Add color

We love a light and airy all-white bed in the summer months, but in the fall it’s nice to add some color and depth to your bedding style. Our darker sheets, like our steel grey, dove grey, and sand add a feeling of coziness and warmth to your room.

Add texture

On a similar note, adding some texture to your bedding also makes your bed look warmer and more fall-esque. A faux fur or waffle weave throw blanket or embroidered throw pillows are a great way to add some texture to your bed.

Rotate your mattress

To extend the life of your mattress, you’ll want to rotate it a few times a year, so while you’re transitioning your bed to fall, you can make it a habit to rotate your mattress as well.

Add bedroom accessories

Take the hygge up even further by adding in some cozy fall accessories to your room. A thick rug beside your bed, candles, and a good fall read (check out our fall reading list here!) are the perfect.

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