Why responsibly sourced down is the best choice

Ready to upgrade your sleep? Then consider a down comforter, perfect all-year round, and especially for those cold, chilly winter nights. Warm, fluffy and lightweight, down is the perfect addition to any bedding experience. Especially when it’s responsibly sourced and is wrapped in our 100% organic certified cotton shell.


If you’re on the fence about investing in a new duvet, let us help you down (see what we did there?). Here are some things you should know about down and why it’s the best choice for your bed.


Down 101

A common misconception about down bedding is that it’s the same as feathers. While both come from waterfowl, down refers to the soft, fluffy undercoating that forms a layer of insulation beneath the contour feathers of adult ducks. Down is what keeps them warm and insulated in colder temperatures. Down is softer and traps air more efficiently, making it a natural insulator and a perfect choice for snuggling up in bed.


Unlike feathers, down is round and fluffy in shape, almost like a dandelion pod, and does not have quill shaft like feathers do. While both materials can be used in pillows, comforters, mattresses and even jackets and other winter gear, each provides a different experience. When feathers are stuffed into a comforter shell or pillow, the quills start to align and can cause the pillow or bedding to lay flat over time.


Down, on the other hand, provides loft due to it’s round shape—meaning that it will return to it’s natural state after being laid on or compressed. So if you enjoy pillows and comforters that stay fluffy, down is the best bet for you!


What does fill power mean?

Fill power determines the loft or fluffiness of a down product. Expressed as a unit of measure in the hundreds, the number of fill power represents the number of cubic inches that one ounce of down will fill. Higher fill powers are associated with a larger percentage of down clusters and a larger average down cluster size—and this refers to the quality of the down itself, not necessarily the amount of down in the product.


Our All-Season Organic Down Comforter has a fill power of 700, and our Summer Organic Down Comforter has a fill power of 600. We chose these lofts to give you the highest quality product and the perfect balance of warmth, comfort, breathability and insulation.


Comforter construction

The construction of a down comforter is just as important as the materials used. We employ a baffle box design, which is designed to keep the down evenly distributed. Each chamber or compartment in our comforter has a vertical interior wall that allows the down to be distributed on both sides of each wall, leaving no area for heat to escape. Down tends to clump together, and the baffle box construction prevents all of the material from migrating to the bottom of the comforter. This means there are no “cold spots” in your comforter. You get warm fluffiness evenly distributed for the maximum comfort and insulation, all night long!



New Down Bedding Bundle


New Down Comforter

100% Organic Cotton filled with Responsibly Sourced, Sustainable, Cruelty Free Canadian Down


The benefits of down

The benefits of down are some of the best reasons to invest in a down comforter. Ounce for ounce, down is the warmest insulating natural material available, and with proper care, will last for years to come. Here are our top reasons in making our responsibly sourced down comforters your bedding of choice:



Unlike most synthetic materials, down naturally wicks away moisture and allows water vapor to pass right through, so you can sleep comfortably even on a warm summer evening.



Down provides approximately three times the warmth per ounce compared to even the best synthetics. The filaments in down that interlock and overlap create a protective pocket of air that traps warmth and releases cold air, making it one of the best natural insulators.



The reason down is such a coveted bedroom staple is because it retains its fluffy softness, night and night, month after month, year after year. The very essence of this fantastic natural material is what makes it a perfect bedding choice. Who doesn’t want to be wrapped up in the softest natural material on earth?



Feathers are an environmentally friendly product for a number of reasons; specifically because both the by-products and final product are natural and biodegradable, unlike synthetics. Furthermore, any detergents used to clean and disinfect the down are 100% biodegradable. Another advantage down has over synthetics is that all by-products from the processing of feather and down are naturally occurring and in turn are 100% biodegradable.


Commitment to safety

As with any animal by-product, consumers are concerned about the animal’s wellbeing and safety during production. We are right there with you. Our top priority in all we do is to bring the higest quality products to our customers, while remaining true to our core values: Fairness; Sustainability; Transparency; Equality; Responsibility.


We use responsibly sourced Canadian down from eco-friendly Hutterite Farms. Our down products are RDS Certified (Responsible Down Standards), which means they meet the global animal welfare standard that ensures our down came from humanely treated ducks. Under no circumstance did they undergo inhumane or cruel treatment. Futhermore, the down we source is a by-product of the poultry industry and has not come from live plucked or force-fed birds.


The criteria for RDS certification were developed through the consultation of animal welfare groups, industry experts and brand and retailers. Companies that are certified demonstrate that they voluntarily meet this criteria for their products. By opting to have our products be RDS Certified, we continue our commitment to providing you and your family with organic and responsibly  sourced materials that help our environment.


What to look for in quality down products

Once you find the down product that works best for you, see if it meets these other criteria that guarantee a high-quality and environmentally conscience bedding choice:


Organic Cotton Cover:

Our down comforters have a 100% organic cotton shell. Like all of our products, we are dedicated to providing 100% organic materials that are responsibly sourced, non-GMO and Fair Trade Certified™, including the cover that protects your down while you sleep.


100% Certified Organic:

While wrapping up in a comfy cloud of down sounds like our idea of perfection, we take it one step further by ensuring that our down products are 100% Certified Organic, meaning they are certified organic and responsibly  sourced and manufactured, so you can sleep easy in your new bedding.


DOWNMARK® Certified:

DOWNMARK® is a non-profit organization in Canada that is dedicated to monitoring the down industry for ethical practices, quality products and transparency. We are proud that all are down products are Downmark Certified.


We love down, and you will, too!

Down is pretty fantastic when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. But high quality down products go the extra mile to ensure a great product that’s organic for the planet, good for the farmer and awesome for you. We’ve invested a lot of time and research to make the best bed sheets for our customers who strive for comfort, luxury and an organic and Fair Trade option. Our new down comforters and pillows are an exciting addition to our bedding line. Now you can have a complete bed set that is organic from the top of your comforter to the bottom of your fitted sheet!

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