Achieve Sound Sleep with One Simple trick

March 30, 2017

Sound Sleep Starts With Making Your Bed Every Day

Ben Franklin once said – “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” But what Mr. Franklin forgot to mention is that peace of mind can be attained by making your bed every night.

After all, do you think great visionaries like Elon Musk and Bill Gates go to sleep in a messy bed?

If you can’t commit to making your bed every night because you think you can’t spare those few extra minutes then, here is a survey which proves that people who make their own bed are more productive and happier throughout the day. Why is this? Setting small achievable goals, even as simple as making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment and puts you in the right frame of mind to take on those bigger tasks later in the day. So, a few extra minutes every morning can actually save you time by allowing you to be more productive.

Not to mention, by making your bed every day, you also keep your room cleaner, and in turn, stay healthier.

Are you convinced yet? Here are the simple steps to make your bed like a pro:


1.Start fresh

Take out your bedsheet and clean your entire bed to make sure there is no dust on the bed. If you are recycling the bedsheet, then shake it properly outside the bedroom to take out any dust particles, chips, remote controls and anything else that might have settled in the bedsheet. Make sure you give it a good shake for around 30 seconds to get everything out.

2.Nail the fitted sheet

Make Your Bed Everyday Organic Bedding

Most people now use two sets of sheets which include a bottom fitted sheet and a top sheet. If you are one of the old school people who don’t use a bottom sheet, we highly recommend going for an organic cotton bedsheet for the bottom part to achieve more crispness and comfort. Take the fitted bedsheet, stand at the foot of the bed and spread it evenly across the entire bed. Make sure the bedsheet is proportionate on all the edges before moving forward.

3.Place the top sheet

Once you have made sure the fitted bottom sheet is taught and properly tucked in, it's time to move forward with the top sheet. While you are spreading the top sheet, remember that the large hem side goes at the head of your bed.

4.To tuck or not to tuck

Now that you have spread the top sheet, you will face an age old dilemma – To tuck or not to tuck. You could leave the bedsheets untucked but if you want to tuck them, make sure you do it the right way. To achieve a perfect hospital corner, start by making sure your bedsheet corners are at a 90-degree angle. Move to the corner of the bed, take the overhang of the fitted sheet, lift the mattress slightly and carefully tuck the sheet under the mattress. Now do the same thing with the perpendicular edge. The corners should be neat, just like if you were to wrap a present.

Make Your Bed Everyday Organic Bedding

5.Add a duvet

Whether you prefer a comforter, blanket, or bedspread, make sure you evenly cover your entire mattress with it. We would recommend adding one according to the season. If it's colder, then you might want to go with something cozier. Also, if you are in fact, going with a duvet, adding a cover is a definite must. Yes, putting a cover on your duvet is tricky, but it will make you more comfortable and keep your duvet clean.

6.Fluff up the pillows

Next step is the easiest – Fluff your pillows. Also, don’t forget to wash your pillow cases every week to maintain the cleanliness of your bed.

Make Your Bed Everyday Organic Bedding

Some tips that will take you from a beginner to a pro bed maker

Iron your bedsheets

While it may seem completely unnecessary, ironing your bedsheets can help you achieve that crispiness that you only see on hotel beds. Yes, it’s a pain, but ironing your bedsheets will completely change the way your bed feels and looks. If you are using organic cotton sheets, then ironing them after washing is an absolute must. After all, no one likes to cuddle in wrinkled bedsheets

Make your bed every day

Making your bed every week doesn’t do. You sleep in your bed every day, and that's why you should be making your bed every day. There are absolutely no excuses about it. It'll seem tiring for the first few weeks, but once you develop the habit, you won’t think twice about it and it should become routine.

Make Your Bed Everyday Organic Bedding

Clean your bedroom

If you are just cleaning your bed every day and not cleaning your bedroom, then all the dust in your room will start settling on your bed and defeat the whole purpose of making your bed every night. So, make sure you are cleaning your bed on regular intervals as well. Treat your bedroom as your personal sanctuary and reap the benefits of better sleep.

Did you make your bed today?

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