The Best Way to Fold Your Fitted Sheets

Folding laundry is one thing. Even if you’re not a huge fan, it’s generally a pretty straightforward and easy enough task.

Folding fitted sheets however? That’s a whole other story.

Generally, it goes a little something like this: try to fold it like a flat sheet, realize that won’t work, attempt to somehow match up the corners, end up rolling everything into a ball and stuffing it on your shelf.

Well, luckily, we discovered the best way to fold a fitted sheet so you never need to go through the stress and cursing of trying to make it work again.

An article by Katie MacDonald in Food52 pointed us in the direction of this YouTube video that has forever changed how we go through the task.

Follow the directions below or watch the tutorial here!

  1. Put your hands in two of the corners of the sheet with your hands along the seams.
  2. Put the two seams together, inserting one hand/corner into the corner of the other side. This will result in the sheet being folded in half.

  3. Place your hands in the other two corners and bring them together. This will result in the sheet being folded in half again.

  4. Lay the folded sheet on a flat surface. Two of the sides will be flat, and two of the sides will be rounded from the elastic band.
  5. Fold the rounded sides in, so you have a square shape.
  6. From there, fold your sheet into a smaller square, and you’re done!

This is the best tutorial we found on folding a fitted sheet! It will keep your linen closet looking clean and organized and save you the hassle of a fitted sheet folding headache!

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