How to Set Up Your Bed for Winter

As the cooler weather arrives and summer begins to feel like a distant memory, many of us take on the bi-annual move of swapping out our summer clothes for our winter wardrobe. The bathing suits, shorts, and sundresses and replaced with heavy sweaters, coasts, and layers as we prepare for the winter season.

While our clothing reflects the changing temperatures, we don’t often think to swap out our bedding to match the season. We may add on an extra throw but that’s about it. However, just like we change up our wardrobe, it’s also a great idea to change your bedding with the seasons to ensure that you’re getting the best sleep possible.

In today’s post, we’re going over how to set up your bed for winter so you stay warm and cozy all season long.

Choose the right sheets

If you’re used to using one set of sheets throughout the year, think again! Changing up your sheets is one of the easiest ways to transition your bed through the seasons.

We offer two types of sheets, percale and sateen, which are suited to different temperatures and climates. Our percale sheets are the perfect summer sheet. Crisp and light to the touch, they are super breathable and will help to keep you cool all summer long.

For hot nights, they’re great! But once the temperature drops, our sateen sheets are much better suited. These sheets have a soft, smooth surface, and their tighter weave makes them the perfect sheets to snuggle into. You’ll be warm and toasty all winter long.

Both of our sheet styles are available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the same look year-round or mix it up and enjoy a different look depending on the season. A set of white percale sheets will give you the perfect airy summer feel, while our steel grey sateen sheets are oh-so-hygge.

Keep in mind too that because you’re only using each set for half of the year, their lifespan will be significantly extended.

Add texture and accessories

During the summer, we love the look of a light and simple bed. Extra blankets and pillows feel too stuffy during the warmer months, but during the winter they help to create a super cozy nook.

Just as we layer up with scarves, hats, and mittens during the winter, you can layer up your bed with extra throw blankets and pillows. We love the beautiful selection available at Brightly, an online shop that showcases ethical and sustainable products.

Use your flat sheet

A simple flat sheet may not seem like it will do much in keeping you warm, but you’d be very surprised! Think of the difference in wearing just a sweater versus a sweater with a fitted tank top or t-shirt underneath; that thin, close-to-your-skin layer makes a huge difference in keeping you warm, and a fitted sheet works similarly.

These layers help to trap air and create warm pockets and are the key to keeping you toasty. You can even go beyond just a flat sheet and duvet and add multiple layers if you’re really feeling the chill.

Both our sheet sets and bedding bundles come with a flat sheet, so make sure you slip that onto your bed, under your duvet. They’re great in the summer too because you can use just the sheet, without your duvet, on those really hot nights.

Choose the right duvet

Just like choosing the right sheets, it’s important to match your duvet to the season. Our responsibly sourced down duvets are available in both a summer and all-season fill.

Our summer duvet has a 600 fill, making it lighter for the warmer months. You’ll enjoy the comfort of a duvet without feeling overheated and weighed down.

Our all-season duvet has a 700 fill, giving it a warmer and weightier feel. It’s the perfect duvet to curl up in, and the only problem you’ll have is getting out of bed in the morning!

Bring on the heat

If you really want to take it up a notch, bring in some heat. Sometimes a hot water bottle or heating pad is the only way to really get the level of warmth you’re craving. Remember to use your heating pad, and any electric heating device, with caution and don’t leave it running for extended periods of time.


Now that your bed is at peak coziness, you can add a few accessories into your room to give it a warmer feel as well. Candles are the perfect, simple way to do this. Having a few placed around the room adds an instant glow and will help your room to feel like a cozy oasis.

When you’re buying your candles, make sure you choose ones that are made from high quality, natural ingredients. Most of the commercial candles on the market are made from toxic chemicals that are released into the air when they’re lit. This isn’t what you want in any room of your home, especially your bedroom, which is typically more closed in than say your kitchen or living room.

Our line of natural candles are made from a blend of pure essential oils and 100% natural soy wax. They’re also available in a variety of scents, intended for different purposes. Wind down at the end of the day with our Tranquility, Serenity, and Stress Relief candles, or start your day with Energy, Enlighten, or Clarity.


One more accessory that will make a huge improvement to your winter set up is a humidifier. Dry winter air, coupled with keeping your windows closed and having the heat running can lead to chapped skin, stuffed up noses, snoring, just to name a few. Keeping your air hydrated throughout the night with a humidifier will help you to have a better sleep, and you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and hydrated.

There are a ton of great humidifiers on the market at affordable price points, so do a little research to find one that suits you and your budget.

We hope these tips help you to create the perfect bed set up this winter!

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