How to Stay Cool While You Sleep This Summer

We all know that we have an easier time sleeping when the temperature is cool (experts say 65 degrees is ideal), but in the heat of the summer, keeping things cool while you sleep can be a serious challenge! To help you combat the heat and get a comfortable sleep, we’re sharing our top tips for staying cool while you sleep this summer.

Keep your curtains closed during the day

Blocking out heat during the day will go a surprisingly long way at keeping your room cool at night. Simply by keeping your curtains closed during the day, you’ll be keeping out all of that daytime heat.

Set your AC to the right temperature

If you are lucky enough to have AC, set your temperature to 65 degrees to create the optimal sleeping conditions. Switch your AC on before going to bed so you’re instantly cooled down.

Create a cross breeze

A cross breeze is one of the best ways to keep your room cool and can be done a number of ways. If you have windows and/or doors across from each other, open them all to create an airflow through the room.

Alternatively, place your fan across from an open window, or place multiple fans around your room.

Freeze your sheets

This is a short-term solution, as your sheets will warm up during the night, but freezing your pillowcases and top sheet can be a nice way to start your night off with a bit of cooling.

Eat a light dinner

We tend to naturally want light fresh meals in the summer, and there’s a good reason for this- it helps to keep us cool. Particularly before bed, avoid having hot, heavy meals and focus instead on a light meal at least three hours before bedtime.

Take a lukewarm shower before bed

Set yourself up for success by cooling down before you get into bed. A lukewarm shower before going to sleep will help to drop your core body temperature and keep your comfortable throughout the night.

Avoid freezing cold showers, which can be overstimulating (thought they can be great in the morning!) or really hot showers, which will, not surprisingly, keep you warm.

Drink ice cold water

Keep a glass of ice cold water beside your bed at night. Having a refreshing drink will help to keep you cool at night.

Use cold compresses

Keep a few frozen facecloths in the freezer to have ready-made cold compresses on hand. At night, you can use these compresses to keep your body cool- they’re particularly effective on your pulse points, which include your neck, armpits, inside of your elbows and wrists, and behind your knees.

Avoid too much sun during the day

One thing that is sure to keep you from a cool night’s sleep is a sun burn. Make sure to avoid excessive exposure to sun during the day so you’re not overheating at night.

Choose a lighter duvet

If you’re using the same duvet in the summer as you are in the winter, you’re in for some seriously overheated nights! Switching to a lighter summer duvet, or even getting rid of your duvet all together in favor of a flat sheet, is essential to staying cool in the summertime.

Our responsibly sourced down duvets are available in both a summer fill and an all season fill.

Switch up your bedding

It isn’t just your blanket that can be keeping you too warm at night- your sheets can actually play a big role as well. Switching to light, breathable bedding in the summer will help you to eliminate a sweaty sleep (this is also a great year-round option for anyone who tends to sleep warm).

Our percale bedding and linen bedding are both perfect options to keep your cool this summer. Percale cotton is crisp and soft and feels cool and light against your skin. Its weave is designed to be ultra-breathable, so it’s perfect for summer.

Linen is a naturally moisture wicking and temperature regulating material, so it’s perfecto for keeping you comfortable in the summer and all year round.

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