Décor Trend: 8 Ways to Create a Japandi Style Home

Move over scandi boho- the Scandinavian design trend has a new pairing, and in 2021 it’s all about Japandi style! We’re here to break down the trend for you and help you integrate this beautiful minimal look in your own home.

So, what is Japandi style? As the name suggests, it’s a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian influence that comes together to create a neutral, minimal, nature inspired aesthetic. It’s zen meets cozy, and it brings together the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi (finding the beautiful in imperfections) with the Scandinavian concept of hygge (creating a warm, inviting environment).

After the year we’ve had, it’s no surprise that we’re drawn to this blend of peace and coziness. Stepping into a Japandi style room should feel like a breath of fresh air and a warm hug wrapped into one, and it’s the perfect antidote to the stress we’ve all been feeling. Things are streamlined and minimal, there’s no clutter, and the tones are light and neutral.

Check out the following tips for bringing this soothing style into your own home.

Bring the outdoors inside

Both Japanese and Scandinavian style emphasize decorating with natural elements. Incorporating natural pieces invokes both a feeling of zen and coziness, so it’s a perfect merger. Decorating with plants, stones, flowers, and pottery and choosing furniture made from solid wood and other materials found in nature is a beautiful and simple way of infusing Japandi style into your home.

Opt for comfort

You can’t feel zen or cozy in an uncomfortable home- no matter how stylish or trendy it looks. When choosing items for your space, make sure that they don’t just look good, they feel good too. This means going for things like soft throw blankets, comfy couches, soft sheets, and quality décor pieces.

Go for pieces that feel good

Both wabi-sabi and hygge are about more than aesthetics- at their core, they’re about the feelings that are invoked by objects or the design of the room. With wabi-sabi, we embrace imperfections and appreciate them for the beauty they bring, and with hygge, we’re going for a feeling of warmth and welcoming, that makes everyone feel like they’re home.

So, one of the most important factors in adding Japandi to your home is to choose things that feel good to you- things that bring you a sense of peace and warmth and that you personally enjoy having in your space.

Keep things neutral

Japanese and Scandinavian style are both all about neutral shades, and Japanese style in particular emphasizes light neutrals. Go for light woods, like a white oak, creams, whites, beiges, and anything that feels fresh and neutral. Our white, ivory, and dove grey bedding bundles are the perfect Japandi fit.

Choose natural textiles

As we mentioned, Japandi puts an emphasis on natural elements, and this includes the textiles you use in your home. Materials like cotton, linen, silk, and wool are all lovely Japandi materials to bring into your home.

Our European flax linen bedding is the perfect fit for a Japandi bedroom, as are our crisp organic percale cotton sheets.

Quality over quantity

Keep quality over quantity in mind when styling your Japandi room and remember that less is more. Craftsmanship and unique beautifully made pieces bring so much to a space and help to create a feeling of security and quality to your home.

Avoid clutter

Japandi and minimalism go hand in hand, so keep things clutter free and functional. The look definitely shouldn’t be sterile, but you want to avoid any unnecessary excess.

Avoid busy trends like gallery walls, lots of throw pillows and layering, and busy patterns and colors and focus instead on decorating with a few prominent décor pieces that make a statement. Things like a handmade bowl, a vase of flowers, or a large plant are perfect Japandi décor pieces.

Go green

Both styles, but Japanese in particular, focus on sustainability. This can be seen in the emphasis on natural elements, prioritizing the feeling of a space, and keeping things streamlined and minimal. Incorporating sustainably made pieces into your home is a pillar of the Japandi style. Our fair trade, organic cottons and certified European linens are produced sustainably and follow the tenants of Japandi style.

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