3 Simple Resolutions for 2018

Every year on January 1st, the clock strikes twelve and our New Year’s resolutions go into full effect. Well, at least that’s what we tell ourselves, right? Sometimes, our best intentions to change or simply try new things, can be daunting. Sometimes it’s that we have too many aspirations, and halfway through February we’re struggling to keep up.

That’s why this year, why not try a different strategy? Start small with fewer, more manageable goals that will have a larger impact on your life. Tackle these resolutions and we guarantee you’ll be crossing more off your list then ever before.

Start Sleeping Better in 2018


I think we can all agree that better (and more) sleep is the single most important resolution we all want to achieve, year after year. So why not make it your number one priority this year? Sleeping the recommended eight to nine hours per night for adults can lead to so many other incredible health benefits, like increased focus during the day, reduced cravings, better weight management, and a better mood overall.

While hitting the hay earlier in the evening is a great start, try implementing other steps to make this resolution a little easier. For example, investing in high-quality, organic cotton bedding is a great way to lull yourself into blissful slumber every night. Check out our other post on how to easily prep your bedroom for better sleep.

Live More Organically


The word “organic” has been buzzing around New Year’s resolutions for years, but usually in reference to food. While choosing organic produce is a great way to stay healthy, why not also make 2018 the year to incorporate other organic products into your life?

Try making your own home cleaners with simple ingredients and essential oils. Find an organic makeup and skincare line to replace your current regimen. And why not slip into 100% organic cotton bedding every night instead of the chemicals and toxins that come from conventional cotton sheets?

Switching entirely to organic products and food can be overwhelming and costly—but, the longterm health benefits and savings are worth it! Focus on one area of your life or your home, and little by little, you’ll find ways to make your life more organic and healthier for you and the planet.

Focus on Self-Care


Life can get hectic, and coming off the chaotic holiday season leaves more people entering the new year feeling frazzled and drained. That’s the perfect time for a New Year’s resolution that focuses on ways to relieve stress and put yourself first.

You can start small, by taking an hour or so per week to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book, or just relaxing with luxurious bubble bath and some naturally scented candles.

If you’re ready for a bigger self-care commitment, resolve to dedicate at least one day per month to a full self-care day where you do whatever makes you feel relaxed. Enjoy a day at the spa, a small weekend getaway or just a day lounging in bed in your PJ’s with no obligations on your schedule. Putting yourself and your needs first is not selfish—it’s crucial to living a happy, fulfilled and satisfied life! When your needs are met, you’re going to be far more energized to take on challenges and cross items off your list.

Here’s to a great year ahead!

The ball drop has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you’ve dropped the ball on being able to have your best year (see what we did there?). Whether you’ve already planned out your 2018 goals, or maybe you’re just not the type to take resolutions so seriously…focusing on sleep, health and self-care are important things that will lead to a better, more energized you in 2018, and will most definitely have a positive effect that will radiate in all areas of your life.

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