Your Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for family, friends, cheer … and, unfortunately, a lot of unnecessary waste. While we absolutely love the holidays, there’s no doubt that there is a ton of waste during this time of year. Between wrapping paper, plastic packaging, and all of the presents, the waste really adds up.

To help you enjoy a more sustainable, low waste holiday, we’ve put together a sustainable holiday gift guide. We’re sharing six ways that you can cut down on waste and give a little more sustainably this year.


Let’s destigmatize regifting! If you were gifted an item that just isn’t for you but you know someone else on your list would love, passing it on to them is a win for everyone.

Make a handmade gift

Making a gift rather than buying one isn’t just a more sustainable option, but it’s also super meaningful, and the options are endless. Baking cookies, making frozen meals, knitting a scarf, creating a piece of art, making candles, or propagating plants with hand painted pots are just a few of the many options to get you started.

Gift an experience

Not all gifts need to be material items and gifting your loved ones with experiences instead of presents is a wonderful way to give a meaningful gift that doesn’t involve any waste or physical items.

Experiences are very personal, so you can customize them to something you know is really special to your loved one. This could be spending the day visiting museums or art galleries, going for a day hike or camping trip, or going to a restaurant they’ve been excited to try.

The beautiful thing about experiences is that the memories last much longer than any gift you’d have picked out.

Choose second-hand gifts

A great option if you do want to buy gifts is to shop second hand. Take a trip to your local vintage and second-hand shops or scour Craig’s List for the perfect preowned gift. Just like regifting, giving a new home to a previously loved gift is a great way to cut down on waste.

Give sustainable gifts

Another great sustainable gift giving option is to choose sustainable items for the people on your list. Our fair trade, organic bedding is a wonderful sustainable option, and for every purchase, we give $7.50 to your choice of one of the four charities we support.

You can shop our linen collections here and our cotton collections here- and keep an eye out on our Instagram for our upcoming Black Friday sales!

Ditch wrapping paper

While we’re on our mission to green-ify our gift giving this year, we can’t forget one of the biggest sources of waste- wrapping paper. Most wrapping paper isn’t recyclable, so bags upon bags of this paper is thrown out every year.

Luckily, there are a ton of great gift-wrapping alternatives to wrapping paper including reusable gift bags, tote bags, brown paper, fabric, newspaper, and more. Get creative and see what kind of recyclable or reusable gift wrapping you can come up with!

Don’t forget to save on your sustainable gift giving this year during our Black Friday sales! Follow us onInstagram for all of the updates.

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