Washing Your Sheets Should Be A Priority!

It’s been a long cold winter, if you are anything like us you’re excited about the arrival of spring & the warm weather. Warm weather also means time for that yearly Spring cleaning.


As of late, we have been getting a lot of emails regarding how often one should clean and wash their bedding. We are experts on crafting luxurious organic bedding (not cleaning), so we took this opportunity to get the dirt on cleaning your bedding.


You will be surprised how many interesting partners we are sharing our bed with.



People tend not to wash & clean their bedding as often as they should. This can be due to a busy schedule or just a hectic lifestyle.


*sample size 500 people


Bedding should be washed as often as clothing if not more, due to the fact you sleep on it for 8 hours a night & bedding absorbs sweat & other things while you're sleeping.


Here are the best kept secrets to help you keep the dirt out of your beds.



  • Don't make the bed as soon as you get up, let it air
  • Wash sheets & pillow cases once a week 
  • Use mattress and pillow protectors 
  • Vacuum mattress regularly 
  • Never eat in bed 


Stop looking under your bed, starting washing your sheets...


 For a clean bedroom, experts recommend we should all have three sets. 1 for the bed, 1 for the linen closet and 1 in the laundry.



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