Reuse Old Sheets with these 6 DIY Halloween Costumes

Conventional cotton sheets are pretty frightening. They may seem innocent, but the chemicals and pesticides used to process them mean you could be tucking yourself (and your family) into harmful toxins every night. Yikes!


That’s why more and more, people are replacing their old conventional cotton sheets for our 100% organic and Fair Trade Certified™ cotton bedding, which is more comfortable andsafer for you and the environment.

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If you’re thinking about making the switch to organic, now’s the perfect season! Few things in life are scarier than conventional cotton bedsheets, which is why they make the perfect material for a Halloween costume.


We are all about that #recyclelife, so here are some ideas to get you started:



Feeling one with the force this Halloween? Use an old bedsheet to turn yourself into a Jedi! This easy costume just requires some basic wrapping and tying, but if you’re savvy with the sewing machine, you can easily add some pants or sleeves with any extra fabric.


With an entire franchise essentially dressed in robes, you have your pick of characters to copy. A white sheet is perfect for a Princess Leia or Luke Skywalker costume, or you can dye your sheets brown to look like Obi Wan. You can even don some green ears and create and instant Yoda! Easy costumes, bedsheets make.



For a classic sheet costume, mummy knows best. A step up from your average toilet paper wraps, old bed sheets hold up better against the elements (and won’t disintegrate if trick or treating falls on a dark and stormy night).


You can keep the sheets white or stain with tea to give your mummy costume a deathly ancient look. Just be sure to wear some matching clothes underneath so the ensemble appears seamless (and keeps you covered in case any mummy strips go rogue).


Super Hero

Every superhero needs a cape! With a few snips and minimal tying, you could be the next Avenger. You can dye the sheets to match your hero of choice, or leave them white if you’re going as Emma Frost from X-men or the white power ranger. If your sheets have crazy patterns, don’t let that stop you! Get creative and make up your own superhero, like Eat-All-The-Candy Boy or Super-Hero-in-Training Girl.


Goddess or Statue of Liberty Toga

Creative draping turns a plain white bedsheet into a costume fit for a goddess. With multiple toga tutorials available, you can snip, tie and drape your way into an ethereal costume that will rain down praise at every party you bless with your presence. If you have a green or blue sheet, you can recreate Lady Liberty herself. Complete the look with a paper crown and a flashlight “torch”—the accessories of freedom.



White sheets are the perfect template for creating a bridal dress. You can casually drape the sheet or sew together an adorable gown. Just add a veil and some glittery embellishments for a princess bride effect. If you’re more interested in skull and crossbones than pink tiaras, splatter on some red paint and add a few distressed tears to create a fearsome zombie bride costume.



There’s nothing like a traditional ghost costume to get into the Halloween spirit (see what we did there?). The classic look is the easiest DIY available—just cut some eye holes into a white sheet and you’re in business. If you want to give your ghoul personality, add some creative embellishments. Paint on red lipstick, draw your favorite designs or splatter with some glow in the dark paint for a trippy ghost effect when the lights go out.


Once your costumes are complete, you’re going to need some replacement sheets for your bed. Don’t settle for conventional cotton again—that’s the stuff of nightmares!




Bedding Bundles




Instead, upgrade to our 100% organic cotton sheets. Because all of our products are Fair Trade Certified, you can rest easy knowing that your sheets were made safely and ethically.


We may as well go as wizards for Halloween because our sheets are woven into cloud soft magic that’s comfy and safe for your whole family. They are good for the planet, fair for the farmers who grow the cotton and awesome for you!


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