Things to Keep Out of Bedroom for a Good Sleep

Your bedroom is your haven of peace at the end of a hectic and tiring day. It’s your private corner where you let your hair down, chill out and rejuvenate yourself every day. However, the bedroom too has its moods and sometimes even, some things are best kept out of its boundaries. This has been emphasized more by Vastu principles and Feng Shui which advise that any form of clutter disturbs the room’ energy flow and creates disharmony. Thus, water fountains, paintings of war scenes, aquariums and photographs of single women, to name a few are best avoided.

Banish Electronic Devices: 

It’s always advisable to keep television sets, computers, and mobile phones out of bedroom limits for a scientific reason. These are highly electro stressful instruments and their high-frequency waves emit harmful radiation that disturbs the calm that one desires from his bedroom and his natural sleep-wake cycle. In case, you don’t have a choice, place your television set at a distance from the bed so that it doesn’t reflect the latter, Vastu advises. Computers too, are best kept in partitioned zones of the bedroom. 

Halogen Lamps:

If they heat up excessively, halogen lamps may cause fire hazards. Best avoided in children’s bedrooms and even when covered by paper or fabric lampshades. Try LED bulbs instead as a safer alternative.


It’ always a pleasure to cuddle up with your furry companion. But pets have different sleep cycles and tend to wake up at odd hours of the night. Certain pet allergies may trigger asthma in you also. Moreover, should your pet have a flea problem, it’s likely that your bedding may be a breeding nest for them. So try and keep pets out of your bedroom.

Electric Heaters:

Who doesn’t like a warm room in winter. But warming up with space heaters has its hazards, too. They can cause fire hazards should a short circuit occur when you’re sleeping, and it’s best to turn them off before going to bed. Alternately, warmer bedding sets or bedclothes would serve your purpose as well.

Family Photos:

Feng Shui strongly advises against keeping family photos in the bedroom. This may sound strange as most people prefer to have a few around that show a well-knit and happy family. According to Feng Shui principles, they tend to trigger unpleasant memories or familial obligations which could disturb your sleep pattern by keeping you anxious and awake.


Things like CDs, DVDs, broken toys, piles of useless paper, unused clothing and footwear in the bedroom amount to clutter leading to negative energy generation and disturbed sleep cycles This makes it all the more essential to keep your room clean always and clutter free. Clutter also leads to marital discord, it is believed.

Work desks:

Since the bedroom is a place for sleep and/or relaxation, keeping your work desk there is a strict no-no. Keeping one leads to a disturbed work-life balance and research shows that those working in bed suffer a weak association of their brains with their bedrooms, resulting in disturbed sleep. The bottom line, therefore, is your bedroom shouldn’t be your work zone.


Breakfasting in bed or gobbling popcorn while watching your favorite soap opera or game from it is always welcome. However, food also needs to be kept out of bedrooms as their remnants tend to attract insects, particularly ants which could give you a tough time later. Moreover, eating in a semi-reclining or even supine position is not advisable as it leads to indigestion and other stomach problems. 


Many people prefer to have their mini bar in their bedroom for a quick nip before bedtime. However, the conventional nightcap is best avoided as research shows that alcohol intake immediately before bedtime disrupts your deep sleep cycle during the night. This is most likely to leave you exhausted and drowsy the following morning.

Piles of Pillows:

We often get taken in by advertisements showing super comfortable beds strewn with bolsters, throws, shams, and cushions. Many even have a habit of putting four to five pillow under their heads before sleeping. This could lead to cervical and spinal problems later on and its best to limit your pillow mountain to six at most.

Excessive Light:

Natural light is great for reading in bedrooms but tends to mess up your sleep, especially during daytime. Using dark and thick curtains blocks out excessive light. Additionally, replace high-wattage bulbs with dimmer ones to get that serene setting.

Synthetic Carpeting:

This is an absolute no-no for those with a tendency to develop allergies, particularly from dust mites that grow and accumulate is soft carpet piles. Instead, replace them with woolen or natural jute fiber area rugs. Lesser carpeting leads to fewer allergens and lesser sneezing bouts and blocked noses in the mornings.

Filtering Curtains:

Those gauzy, white lace curtains sure look good. However, these don’t work in bedrooms and are more appropriate for living rooms. Remember, darkness is the key to peace and tranquility in your bedroom. So keep these light curtains out. These tend to allow street light to filter in as also light from nearby homes, which in turn can upset your circadian rhythm and your health adversely also. Thick blackout curtains instead, do the right job.

Avoid Bright Colors in Bedrooms:

Brightly colored bed clothing and loud walls do not a peaceful bedroom make. This axiom works particularly for those who are insomnia-prone. Shades like red, bright yellow, dazzling orange reflect light and unnecessarily brighten up the room as they are warm colors. Instead, soothing shades like porcelain blue or even earth tones like off-white or beige work better.

In sum, your bedroom is your recluse bubble and needs to be kept as such. Whether you prefer to go by Feng Shui or Vastu principles or plain and simple scientific logic, it’s ultimately your own comfort zone. That’s why it becomes more important to keep it in a manner so that you wake up relaxed and rejuvenated every morning.

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