Summer Vacations During Pandemic: How to Stay Safe

The COVID-19 outbreak ruined a lot of people’s summer vacation plans in 2020. The lockdown and the pandemic mean that people are asked not to travel unnecessarily, or they are considering it is unsafe to travel.

However, as many countries are reducing the intensity of lockdown by allowing businesses such as restaurants and hotels to open up, people are considering going for a vacation after all. The health experts still suggest that people should stay indoors and follow the safety guidelines provided to them, but some people are tired of staying indoors.

So, if you are one of those people who no longer want to stay indoors and don’t want a virus to ruin your summer vacation, then depending on where you live, you can go on a holiday. However, as the pandemic is not yet over, you need to be extra careful as the chances of getting infected increase significantly as soon as you leave your home. Adding factors such as staying in hotels, visiting tourist places, and eating outside food makes this situation a lot more dangerous. However, you can go on a vacation and keep yourself safe while relaxing and enjoying your vacations. All you need to do is follow these pieces of advice as they are crucial to keep you protected from the COVID-19 outbreak during your holiday.

Don’t Travel to Distant Places

Experts are suggesting people not to travel to distant places during this pandemic. Caroline Bremner, the head of travel for Euromonitor International (a London-based global market research firm), says that people would prefer to stay close to their homes as they won’t feel safe outside and as a precaution against a second wave of COVID-19 outbreak.

The first thing that most people would do after the restrictions are lifted is to plan a day trip. This trip would allow people to explore the local tourist spots and nature without putting themselves in danger. People would also try to travel to places close to their hometown by car instead of using public transport. By doing this, people would feel a lot safer.

People who will be leaving their houses after months and finding shops and businesses are open would find it interesting and enjoy their trip. We all require a change in scenery and traveling within or close to the outskirts of the city would be a welcome change after spending days in their homes.

So, if you are planning to go out, then going to a nearby nature reserve or visiting a neighboring town would be a perfect option. As it would be easy for you to get back to your home in case some unfortunate incident happens.

Visit Places That Are Open and Spacious

Visiting places that are not crowded, such as the Grand Canyon in the US, would be a perfect option during the outbreak. The first and foremost advice given by health experts is to follow social distancing, and if you are in a nature reserve or any similar place where there is lots of space and few tourists, you would be able to practice social distancing easily. There are lots of places in different countries that you can visit without worrying about the crowd.

However, you should be careful while traveling, especially if you are taking a flight or other public transport. Even if you are in a secluded place, keep on your masks and wash your hands regularly. Also, sanitize any surface that you are going to touch.

Staying in A Hotel

If your trip is not to a nearby town or you plan to go out for a few days, then staying at a hotel would be the only option. However, you need to be careful while choosing a hotel. Businesses are opening up, and they are supposed to follow guidelines to keep the place clean and sanitized to ensure the safety of their patrons. However, you cannot be sure if things are the same as they appear while booking online. So, look for hotels that are reliable and call the hotel before booking it to know the exact details.

Once you have reached the hotel, ensure that the place is clean and hygienic, and carry your own sanitizer and towels as an extra precautionary step. When in the lobby or anywhere outside your hotel room, follow social distancing guidelines, and don’t remove your mask unless necessary. Once you return to your room after a trip, take a bath and wear a fresh set of clothes. You can avail of the laundry service at the hotel to get your clothes clean.

Laying Low for A While

As soon as popular tourist spots in countries such as Greece, Italy, France, and other countries open up, we will see a lot of people going there for a vacation. A lot of people mean a higher risk of infection. So, if you are planning a trip outside your country, then it would be better if you keep it on hold. Many countries won’t be opening their borders before the pandemic is over. At present, the officials at the US and Canada border are only allowing people with valid reasons to enter and exit the countries.

The pandemic is far from over, and traveling too far could bring lots of trouble in case of a second breakout or grounding of flights. So, refrain from traveling overseas and stay to the places that are close by as it gives you a better chance of returning to the safety of your home or getting the necessary help if things go south.

Should You Go?

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, and even if the businesses are opening up, the risk of contracting the virus still looms over us. In the current scenario, going for a vacation is not something that any health expert would advise. However, if you are tired of staying indoors and want some fresh air and a change of scenery, try visiting a nearby city or venture into an adventure in nature’s lap. Doing this would make you feel better without any risk of getting stranded during a second outbreak. Follow the safety guidelines provided by health experts during any such trip, so that you and your family can stay protected.

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