Stressed out! This simple practice does wonders!

Tap your way into a stress free zone.


Daily life is full of pitfalls which cause us anxiety and stress. Most of us take these every day stressors to bed with us which wreak havoc on our sleep.  A great way to release this stress and sleep better is to practice the ancient technique of Tapping, which is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Essentially tapping is a blend of western psychology and Chinese acupressure.  It is also called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


A convenient advantage of tapping is that it can be practiced anywhere/anytime. A typical session lasts 5-20 minutes and are a breeze to learn. Calming effect of this practice can be felt quickly, clinical research has shown tapping to reduce cortisol significantly. To learn more on tapping click here: Tapping


How it works


Finger tips are used to tap on specific meridian points on your body while you are internally verbalize the emotional stress. This accesses the mind body connection simultaneously helping in releasing those stressors.  Click Here for Link.


Chronic stress is the real enemy. Finances, relationships, and work can all trigger stress.  Stress triggers hormonal release, specifically cortisol (the stress hormone), which in turn diverts blood from your major muscle groups and internal organs creating a nutritional deficiency. The Cortisol released by this prolonged stress results in adrenal fatigue. Your body now is constantly stressed out. This creates a domino effect on your overall physical and mental wellbeing.  It ends up taking a toll on every aspect of your life.


Overtime these thoughts increase your blood pressure, weakens your immune system. It hampers your creativity, intuition and problem solving skills.  It can make you vulnerable to chronic illness like headaches and ulcers.  Your sleep is deeply affected making one more irritable and impatient.


This is all manageable if you pay attention to stress and counteract it sooner rather than later. Tapping is a technique which has provided us with an immediate solution, it is always available.  It manipulates the parasympathetic region of our nervous system. Tapping creates a positive affect on this region immediately. 


You can even optimize your sleep by practicing tapping before you go to bed. This will help you wake up with a more positive mindset & hopefully stress free.


Because tapping accesses your emotions and your physical body simultaneously, it provides powerful stress relief, lowering cortisol levels faster than most traditional and alternative stress relief methods.


Stress is an unwanted feeling & it’s not easy to cope with, but you should never keep it inside. Stress is like anything in life, if you want it to go away you need to make it go away. Try tapping the next time you feel stressed in life for a quicker & simpler method to reduce stress.


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