Mornings with Taylor from HoneyPot Health and Wellness

We’re so excited for today’s guest post! We got the opportunity to chat with the lovely Taylor Heinrich of HoneyPot Health and Wellness. Keep reading for details on Taylor’s morning routine, favorite superfood smoothie recipe, and the IG accounts that inspire her.

Hi Taylor! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey Guys! My name is Taylor Heinrich, and I am the creator of HoneyPot Health and Wellness. Originally from Seattle, I’m now living in sunny Los Angeles, fully obsessed with the wellness world! I’m the brand manager for Philosophie Superfoods and am a major rescue dog lover.

Certified from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I work one on one with helping clients find a balance with eating and lifestyle, as well as teaching healthy cooking habits (you can always check out the latest of what I’m whipping up in my kitchen over on instagram @taylorheinrich)

How do you start your day? Any morning routines?

I start my day by having a big mug of organic coffee using adaptogens like chaga and cordyceps for mental clarity and an extra energy boost, and coconut cream. I am very mindful with the brands I support, Root and Bones has magical adaptogens!

If I’m not rushing out the door for a shoot or meeting, I love taking the time to light Palo Santo to help start the day out on the most positive foot- it helps to get rid of negative energy in your home and internally, followed by reading a page out of The Book of Awakening. It’s such an easy read and only takes about 1-2 minutes per day but is so INSPIRING and sets the tone of your day. It also helps me shine a light on any areas that need improvement, as well as the tools I need to make a change.

Next, I give my beloved dog Daryl a walk around the block, and head to a spin class at CycleBar Culver City or Pilates at Pilates Platinum. I also love Barry’s Bootcamp or a jog in my neighborhood. I head home to make a huge smoothie, normally ½ a frozen banana, collagen, vegan protein powder, nut butter, cacao, maca, reishi (the ultimate trio for women, very hormone balancing). I always make my smoothies at home, I find it’s a great money saver! I’ve been having this version for YEARS, it fills me up for hours and helps pack in a ton of anti-aging, protein rich foods that are super beautifying.

If it’s a weekend, I’ll treat myself to baking almond flour pancakes with extra butter and syrup. My favorite recipe is in my ebook, HoneyPot at Home and is complementary on my website.

I’m big on skincare and use non-toxic products like True Botanicals and Boscia, and I wear as little makeup as possible that I can get away with- god bless lash extensions! Next, it’s out the door to work at Philosophie Superfoods. Two days a week I work from home, so those morning are always a bit more relaxed.

What sparked your passion for health and wellness?

I got into the wellness world professionally after moving to California four years ago. It has always been a huge passion of mine and was semi counseling friends and family for years before I actually bit the bullet at 28 and went back to school to pursue it full time! You’re never too old to try a new profession, especially if it’s your true calling- go for it, hustling ALWAYS pays off. I am lucky enough now that my “work” never feels like work to me and brings me so much joy on a daily basis helping people to get rid of unhealthy eating patterns and find happiness in food again, as opposed to stressing over if you’re next meal is “good” or “bad”. That’s not to say it’s all been a cake walk, up until December of 2018, I juggled 5 jobs to make HoneyPot happen. Like I said, hard work pays off and it will all be worth it!

A good morning starts with a good sleep- how do you wind down at night?

During the work week I always cook dinner at home, most of the time grilling fish and veggies, cauliflower rice or making a yummy, loaded frittata (great for leftovers!) We love to watch our shows in the evenings, Housewives of course, or Dateline if my boyfriend is home! To curb a sweet tooth, most nights I make tea or a “healthy latte” of almond milk, vanilla bean powder, cacao, cinnamon, tocos (great for skin) and Himalayan sea salt.

I used to be part of a mother/daughter book club back home, which kept me constantly reading. Everyone came to me for recommendations on what's the best book lately! I so miss that and am now back to incorporating reading every night now before I go to sleep, plus it helps me wind down. I just started a book called “Heavy” about a boy’s experience growing up in the South. I love true stories and learning about other people’s lives.

Instagrammers/change makers that inspire you?

Instagrammers I adore: @theskinnyconfidential, @iamwellandgood, @cleowade, @high.vibrational, and @awaken_healers. I try to not spend too much time on there, especially because it is work for me, but I am always mindful of who I’m following and their vibe. Unfollow someone if they aren’t on your level these days, no shame in that! The content we consume, whether that's the news, podcasts or social media, is a big part of us so keep an eye out and align yourself with like-minded people.

Thanks for spending the day with me!




You can find Taylor online on her site and Instagram.

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