Impact of Color in the Bedroom

We all know getting a good night’s sleep is important. Being rested can boost your mood, and is also proven to positively impact your health. Plenty of rest can do some good for your mind, stress levels, blood pressure, weight and more. A lot of factors impact your sleep, including the space and atmosphere where you sleep.


Impact of Color in the Bedroom

The decor of your bedroom can determine how well you sleep. Studies have shown that people tend to sleep better when the atmosphere is relaxing and soothing. When you enter the space it should instill a sense of tranquility. And color is a big part of this equation. The right colors will be warm, soothing and calming.

How Different Colors Affect Your Sleep

The main color in your bedroom should set the tone of relaxation and create a spa-like feeling. Muted colors and earth tones are generally good options for bedroom walls. Dark colors will envelope the room and create a restful oasis. Everyone has a preference when it comes to paint. We think muted colors, like grey, sand, beige and taupe work well to create a balanced and calming efffect. White, off-white, and other variations are always an excellent choice. We also think blue (from pale blue to really dark navy) have a wonderfully soothing and relaxing effect on your mood in the bedroom, as well.

Our 100% organic luxury sheets and bedding come in all these soothing and calming colors, perfect to match a wide variety of paint options.

It is best to avoid really bright, high energy colors in the bedroom. This will make you feel stimulated and is not conducive to a restful, sanctuary-like experience.

Create a Warm and Cozy Space

We are getting into the fall season and temperatures are changing, making this the perfect time to switch up the look and feel in your bedroom. A new set of sheets or a new duvet cover is a great place to start! We recommend introducing our new beautiful fall colors into your bedroom for a refreshing change: Sand, Dove Grey and Steel Grey.

Take things a step further by changing out accessories, like a new lamp shade and throw pillows to give your bedroom a fresh look that will create a cozy and zen-like atmosphere. If you’re feeling extra motivated and have some time over the weekend, consider a fresh coast of paint in a more soothing color palette.


Fabric Accents

Choose curtains in thick, textured fabric. Window treatments can be expensive, but choose something neutral that will last for years and coordinate with any future design changes you make to your space. Also make sure to select curtains that block sunlight, to keep your bedroom cloaked in darkness.

Area rugs can add additional color and texture, while also providing warmth underfoot. Stick to your color palette and look for bold patterns. For a designer look, layer small rugs over large area rugs or carpeting.


Pile on the Blankets

As the temperatures start to drop, it’s time to prepare for cooler nights. It’s time to pull out your thick blankets from storage. If you need to refresh this aspect of your bedroom, think about selecting a new blanket in complementing colors with different textures. Think knit blankets and faux fur or velour to create a luxurious and comfortable feel. Keep folded blankets draped over a corner at the foot of the bed, so they are close by if you need them.


Address the Lighting

If your bedroom already has overhead lighting see if you can put the light on a dimmer switch. This will let you control the intensity of the light. Bedside lamps are a great alternative to overhead lighting. You can still have the light you need to get in a quick chapter before bed, but the lighting is dim enough to help set a relaxing and soothing vibe.


Find the Right Bedding

The atmosphere and comfort of a bedroom are important, but ultimately the sheets will set the tone when it comes to relaxation and a restful sleep. The right bedding will create a cozy and inviting space that you will want to curl up in and fall fast asleep. Our selection of 100% organic cotton sateen sheets are luxuriously soft and comfortable. All of our sheets and bedding sets are available in a selection of warm and inviting colors, including white, blue, ivory, dove grey, sand and steel grey. All of the colors are sure to match any bedroom style or decor.


Fair Trade Certified

Our sheets are made using only Fair Trade Certified™ cotton. This means the conditions under which the cotton is grown are safe and healthy for workers, and the cotton itself is eco-friendly. Our cotton is 100% organic and non-GMO, meaning it’s grown without the use of harmful chemicals that pose a risk to workers, you and the planet.

The right colors and atmosphere can transform your bedroom into a restful and tranquil space that will help you relax and unwind after a long day. And when you slip into your bed, make sure you are sleeping on the most ethically made sheets for your best night’s rest. Our bedding is softest available. They are good for the planet, fair for the farmers who grow the cotton, and awesome for you!


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