How to celebrate Easter from Home

There is no doubt that Easter is going to be celebrated very differently this year, but just because we are stuck at home doesn’t mean we have to give up celebrating all together! While Easter is generally spent with our extended families and, for many people, at churches or places of worship, there are still lots of ways to adapt our usual traditions and celebrate the holiday.

In today’s post, we’re showing you how to celebrate your usual Easter traditions, and maybe even make some new ones, right from home.


Just because you’re the only ones who will see them, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring out your Easter decorations! Decorating for you and your family makes the whole holiday seem more real and special, and it’s a fun way to get in the festive spirit.

Make Easter crafts

If you don’t already have Easter decorations, you can make your own. There are lots of fun DIY Easter crafts you can make, including dyed Easter eggs, a cute centerpiece, an Easter garland, and more (this list is full of fun ideas!). You can even keep it really simple and print off some Easter coloring pages and crosswords for your kids.

Bake some Easter treats

What is Easter without delicious treats? Most of us have a lot more downtime right now than usual, so it’s a great time to get creative in the kitchen and whip up some delicious Easter desserts. There are lots of cute recipes out there like these mini egg cookies, cinnamon sugar bunnies, and Easter egg cookie dough truffles! The options are endless (and delicious!). You can even bake and freeze extras to share with your friends and family in the future.

Have an indoor Easter egg hunt

An Easter egg hunt is one of the key celebrations we associate with Easter, and there’s no need to miss it this year. Rather than having your Easter egg hunt outside, set it up in your home! You can even take it up a notch and create an Easter scavenger hunt with clues hidden around the home that will lead to Easter baskets.

Get dressed up

Whether it’s for church or a big family meal, most people like to dress up for Easter, and you may even have a dress or outfit that you save especially for the holiday. While it may seem funny to dress up just to stay home, it can actually feel so nice to get all dressed up, and it adds an extra special feeling to the holiday. Plus, it’s a nice change from the sweats we’ve all been hanging out in for the last few weeks!

Celebrate Easter in style by spending a little extra time getting dressed up, and it will really help to get you in the holiday spirit and make the day feel special.

Video chat with family

One of the best parts of Easter is getting to spend time with your family, some of whom you may not usually get to spend as much time with as you’d like in the busyness of life. While you might not be able to spend time with them in person, you can still connect with your loved ones online. Setting up a time to video chat with your family is a great way to be together, even when you can’t technically be together.

Enjoy a (virtual) Easter dinner

Easter dinner is another holiday favorite, and just because you can’t have dinner with your extended family doesn’t mean you need to skip out on a delicious meal! You can still have your usual Easter dinner, just on a smaller scale, and if you want to include your family, you can even video chat all together while you enjoy your meals.

Livestream your church service

Many churches and places of worship have been offering online services for their practitioners during the quarantine, so even though you can’t congregate at your church, you can still participate in the Easter service online.

Connect with your congregation online

For many, the service itself is only one part of what makes going to church so important- spending time with the church community is also a huge part of it. If you’re missing your congregation at this time, you can talk to your church about setting up a place online to connect, like a Facebook group. This is a great way to stay connected with your community and offer support to each other during this time.

Give back

Embrace the true spirit of Easter by giving back to those in need. While at the moment there may be less ways to help, there is still so much you can do from your home. Donating money to your favorite charity or cause is a wonderful way to help out and even seemingly small things, like placing encouraging notes to your community in your windows, is a wonderful way to spread some joy this holiday season.

Plant flowers

Easter is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, and it’s the perfect time to begin your own fresh start in your garden. You can spend some time over the weekend planting flowers and getting your garden ready for the season ahead.

Enjoy some down time

Even the best holidays are usually jam packed with activities. Between church services, family dinners, Easter egg hunts, and more, the weekend does tend to fill up with things to do very quickly. While it may be hard to miss out on these, it’s also nice to enjoy the slower pace of this year’s holiday and enjoy quality time with your immediate family.

Do an Easter photoshoot

A visit to the mall to get a photo of the kids with the Easter bunny is an Easter staple for many. Instead of skipping out on this annual photo, you can recreate it at home! Set up a corner in your home with your Easter decorations and have your own family photoshoot. You can get create and set your own Easter backdrop or dress up in Easter costumes. This will definitely be an Easter we won’t soon be forgetting, so it’s great to have some photos to remember this weekend.

Go for a spring nature walk

Get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air with a spring nature walk. You can take a walk around your neighborhood or local park or hop in the car and head to a more remote location for your walk. Look for signs of spring and fresh starts, like blooming flowers and birds’ nests and celebrate the beginning of spring.

Make new traditions

While it’s so meaningful to have traditions that you’ve celebrated year after year, it’s also wonderful to create new traditions with you and your family. Just because things will be different this year doesn’t mean they can’t still be meaningful, and you and your family may adopt some new Easter traditions that will stay a part of your holiday for years to come.

While this Easter not be business as usual, there are still lots of fun ways to celebrate and make memories with your loved ones. Happy Easter, everyone!

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