Have you been Brewing your Coffee Incorrectly?

Who doesn’t love a warm cup of coffee every morning? Ah! ‘The coffee is perfect today’ say people occasionally while sipping the warm cup of caffeine in the morning. 

You may follow the same steps to prepare the comforting cup each time but occasionally make a perfect brew. How to make a perfect cup of coffee is always a mystery until you decide to find it out yourself. 

Even with the fantastic quality coffee beans, it is tough to brew a perfect cup every time without the use of the correct tools. Coffee experts state that these expensive tools are worth the price as they can brew an ideal cup of coffee each time. Look for a grinder that grinds the beans consistently.

Fortunately, all other items that make a perfect cup are reasonable. Here are the five inexpensive items that can, to a great extent, enhance your coffee drinking experience.

An Ideal Storage Container

When oxygen comes in contact with coffee, it creates stale taste. If the coffee beans come in a valve bag that has a foil lining and is sealed with a round blister at the top, then there is no need to put them to the storage container.

Such a bag will keep the beans away from oxygen. This is because dumping it to the container can distort the carbon dioxide present that surrounds and keeps it safe from staling.

If the coffee beans are not kept inside the valve bag, then ensure to put it in a sealed container. No matter any storage container you buy, ensure to keep the beans in the dark and cool space. Avoid the area near or above the stove as heat and light can kryptonite them.

A Dripper

To your surprise, one of the tools that make the perfect coffee is the cheapest. Pour-over drippers that most cafes use to make the perfect coffee is priced at around $20. With drippers, you have full control over how much your coffee is soaked with water, which allows more flavor infusion.

With drippers, you will even have control over the variable like water temperature, which mainly affects the flavor of the coffee.

A Kitchen Weighing Scale

Beans vary in size and shape, and thus, not the same number of beans will settle into the coffee scoop each time. Therefore, coffee and water ratios can vary. This is the main reason why you have a perfect cup of coffee sometimes while sometimes it tastes terrible.

This might sound weird to you, but a kitchen scale is one of the most important items that often determines how your coffee with taste.

A food weighing scale can also be helpful in weighing the coffee beans.

A Travel Mug

Most people prefer a travel mug with a lid, but it stops the natural aroma, and you cannot detect the flavor with your sensory organ. Coffee tastes the best when you drink it hot and not too hot, says most avid coffee drinkers.

Descaling the Coffee Machine

For descaling, a vinegar and water solution would help, but if you want complete hygiene, then a descaling solution may help. Descaling once in a month can enhance the coffee taste.

With these inexpensive items in your household, you are just a step away from preparing the perfect brew.

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