Glyphosate, the “not so” silent killer

Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide and crop desiccant, in layman's terms, it's a common chemical found in weed killers. Anything chemical used in weed killers, is typically very toxic and unsafe to be around. There have been numerous reports that Glyphosate can also be found in conventional cotton too. Conventional cotton can be found in your clothing, makeup and most products you sleep on.

Conventional cotton is used mainly in bedding and you more than likely are inhaling toxic chemicals for 8 hours a night while sleeping. The main way to avoid any toxic chemicals in your bedding is to switch over to organic cotton bedding. Organic cotton bedding uses no toxic chemicals in its farming process plus it tends to be much softer, truly is a win win.

To find out more about Glyphosate and why it has people in a panic, click here:

You can find NON toxic/chemical free sheets at here.

Main reasons to switch to Organic cotton & away from conventional cotton products that contain Glyphosate and other harmful chemicals are:

No use of toxic chemicals in the entire farming process

This ensures all crops are healthy and farmers will have sustainable farming for the future.

Less water consumption/no polluting drinking water

Organic cotton ensures that drinking water is not filled with any chemicals whatsoever.

Better working/living condition for farmers and workers

The most important aspect of organic cotton is that it provides safer working and living conditions for farmers and workers. Without toxic chemicals being used, air doesn’t get polluted making it easier for worker/farmers to breathe and live healthier and happier lives.

Here are more reasons on why you should switch to organic products, click here:

Glyphosate is just one of numerous chemicals in day to day products most people use, when purchasing products make sure they don’t have chemicals that can harm you or loved ones. Most products are required to state any harmful chemicals used in their products, so read all labels carefully.

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