Dos and Don’ts Of Grooming Your Dog

Grooming your dog is important to maintain your dog's appearance as well as its appearance. It is recommended that you get your dog to endure the process of grooming at the right time- if you start it too late, they might not take it well. If you have long-haired dogs, you will need to give them even more intense grooming sessions. However, this doesn't mean that dogs who have clipped, short fur do not need grooming.

Brushing, for instance, is necessary for all kinds of dogs no matter which breed they're from. It helps to remove their dead hair, dandruff, and dirt. Regular brushing is also helpful in bringing out natural oils that could help your dog's fur. With a large number of people being stuck at home, with no groomers to help with their dogs- many of us have started wondering how to take care of our dogs' grooming by ourselves.

A lot could go wrong when grooming your dog. If you don't do it right, it could come out looking like a real accident. Grooming your dog is messy, difficult, and rather unpleasant. It might not be the best thing for you and your pup since you might make mistakes without even realizing it. However, when you do not have an option but to groom your dog at home- you can follow the tips below to make sure nothing goes wrong.


It's important- almost mandatory- to gather some information on YouTube before you plunge into the world of dog grooming. There are a number of videos related to the subject which you can watch- even if they are not of the same breed as your dog. The only hitch is that professionals know exactly what they're doing since they do this every day, every week. You, on the other hand, are rather new to this procedure.

Although they could be giving you some incredible advice as well as information- you might end up getting a misplaced feeling of confidence, which will get you thinking that you know everything there is to know.

The most important part of grooming your dog on your own is preparing the pup for the process, which is about to follow. You have to make sure your dog does not mind being touched on its face, tail paws, or the rest of the body. They also need to accustom themselves to noisy, buzzing equipment used in grooming. Before you start, create an environment that is absolutely stress-free and make sure that you constantly praise and reward your pet while you brush them.


An important thing to get the job done right is finding the right room. This room should be big enough for you as well your dog- no matter what size. Also, it should not be a very important room so that you can afford to have it covered in fluffs of your dog's hair. You might think that the best place to groom your dog might be outside, but unless you are on a farm- this will not work out.

A rooftop, driveway, alley, or fire escape gives you a lot of room for yourself and your pet while rewarding you with a fresh breeze time and again. And this is exactly the problem- as soon as you begin to clip your pet, the wind will pick up its hair and begin to deposit it up and down the street.

Even if you do not end up getting in trouble because of this, there is still a high chance that your neighbors will have something to say about the matter because of the bizarre form of littering they have been subjected to.

The next thing which you have to decide is whether you want to clean your dog on the floor or the table. A worktable might be ideal for supporting your dog, but it is not a practical choice for everyone. The floor is a rather convenient option since most people have enough time to spare. But the only hitch here is that after being hunched over your dog for 30 minutes, you will find yourself becoming cranky and stiff.

Clipping and its Cost

You obviously need the best clipper you can, to get this job done. There are a number of clippers in the market that you can make use of. For instance, there are clippers that will come with a 2-speed rotary motion. You might also get a switch that you can use to alternate between 3,400 or 4,400 strokes in a minute.

With a good clipper, you can stop worrying about the fan or vents being clogged with dog hair, because it will ideally also contain a cooling feature. This is important to make sure that your gadget does not overheat and keeps working properly even when you have to trim too much coat.

A good set of clippers will also be able to work with a number of blades like show edge, Oster A5 blades, ultra-edge, or ceramic edge. The motor of the clipper should be powerful and capable of cutting through tough coats. The clipper will also help to consistently cut the hair of other dogs like terriers or poodles. Most good clippers are convenient to use for dogs of any breed; you might also want to look for one that provides a detachable blade that can be removed for easy cleaning. The motor of the clippers should not be very loud (as that could scare your dog) and should not overheat.

Even when the model of the clippers comes with good power and speed, it will still remain quiet.  High-performance steel blades are another good feature of a handy clipper because they ensure durability. These blades also remain sharp for a long time and don't need to be sharpened regularly. If you are home grooming dogs with a medium coat, then clippers with such blades will be your best bet. Some brands even go as far as providing you with an instructional video to groom your dog.

You have to remember that, like many other things in life, dog grooming improves greatly when you are ready to spend some money on it. Thus, you might want to buy a comparatively expensive clipper to make sure that you can work through the coat easily without the risk of its blades getting jammed with hair.

How to Brush or Bathe Your Dog

To start, you might want to brush your dog a couple of times in a week at the same time so that it becomes familiar with the routine. Regular brushing, as is said by Ray Trusting (a master groomer with the Connecticut Veterinary Center), goes a long way and helps greatly when it comes to good grooming.

You might want to use a metal pin brush, particularly for dogs with long hair, that can go through their hair easily and pull off any amount of dirt on their coats along with dry grass or burrs. A shedding blade is perfect for dogs with shorter hair, such as Labradors, and will help you to get the fine hair off very quickly. The important thing to make sure of while grooming your dog is that you are able to brush her while she stands, like a groomer does, rather than when she’s lying down.

When you are bathing your dog, it is best to use a high-quality shampoo as the inexpensive versions might have harsher ingredients. You can also dilute this shampoo with water so that it is easier to rinse off.

How to Cut Your Dog’s Hair

Once your dog is properly washed and brushed, you might want to try giving her a trim. If it is so, then you have to be rather careful with the scissors. You need to ensure that you only use the right equipment. Some dogs also find combs to be more irritating than clippers, so you should keep that in mind. Use professional shears and clippers, preferably with a No. 10 clipping blade, and try to get a grooming table so that your dog is secured while getting the haircut.

Human beings cut their hair when they are wet, but you have to start with a clean, dry dog and only use the very tops of the shears to trim her feet, tail, and face. This will make sure that she is not injured if she happens to make any sudden movements. When you trim her ears, you should keep the other hand on the edge of her ears to ensure that you are only cutting her hair.

When shaving your dog, try to use a quiet blade and first start with her neck- working your way down the body. Keep the blade flat against the skin of your dog and be careful when doing underarms, hocks, and the point where the stifle meets her belly.

When grooming, make sure you have the following tools -

  • A comb, brush, or shedding blade
  • Clipper and blade coolant
  • A grooming table (optional)
  • Grooming shears,
  • Styptic Powder (for nail bleeding)
  • Nail clippers or grinder

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