Décor Trend: 5 Ways to Create a European Farmhouse Style Home

In the last few years (and thanks in no small part to HGTV’s Fixer Upper), Modern Farmhouse has taken the design world by storm and has become a super-hot home decor trend. But did you know that this is just one variation on the farmhouse trend and there are actually many other farmhouse categories?

The Modern Farmhouse décor style is a very American farmhouse approach, but another variation that we absolutely love is European Farmhouse, and in this week’s blog post we’re going to break down what defines this décor style and how you can get the look in your home.

All farmhouse styles have a warm and homey approach, but European Farmhouse has a more timeless feel- it’s farmhouse without trying to be farmhouse. It’s relaxed, lived in, and not overly polished, and it emphasizes quality, well-made furniture and décor.

In place of shiplap, bright white walls, and hand painted signs, you’ll find arched doorways, warmer neutrals, and vintage décor pieces.

It’s the kind of place that makes you want to churn butter, bake your own bread, and pop out into the yard to pick wildflowers.

So how can you get this look at home? Let’s take a look.

  1. Choose a neutral color pallet

All farmhouse styles tend toward a more neutral color pallet and avoid bright and loud colors, and European Farmhouse is no exception. However, while a Modern Farmhouse typically goes with a cooler pallet (think bright white walls and wrought iron finishings), European Farmhouse takes a softer approach with earthy tones and warmer whites.

  1. Texture, texture, texture

While Farmhouse typically has a neutral color pallet, it doesn’t mean the style is minimal or plain. Instead, it gets its dimension from adding lots of texture to the space. For European Farmhouse, the focus is on natural textures and can include things like wicker baskets, rugs, linen curtains, raw wood, marble, and brick- the emphasis is on organic texture.

  1. Add in natural elements

Natural elements are a staple in many décor styles, but how you use these natural elements changes to fit the style. For European Farmhouse, you can bring in things like a vase of wildflowers or twigs, chopped firewood, or a windowsill herb garden.

You’ll also see a lot of natural materials used around the home, like linen curtains, cotton bedding, and wool throw blankets.

  1. Not too polished

Perfect is the antithesis of European Farmhouse, and you don’t want things to looked overly polished or new. Knicks in the furniture, worn wooden floors, and a few chips here and there add to the warmth and quality feel of a European Farmhouse home. This doesn’t mean things should look rundown- the look is elegant and quality, but understated and lived in.

  1. Add in vintage/thrifted pieces

A European Farmhouse isn’t furnished exclusively at big box stores. Instead, a lot of the pieces will be vintage, thrifted, handmade, or handed down from family or friends. Look for high quality pieces that will stand the test of time and have sentimental value to them.

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