Are you sleeping with the right Pillow?

June 22, 2017

Are you sleeping with the right Pillow?

The quality of your sleep will make or break your day.

We pay so much attention to our mattresses and blankets that we forget to give any thought to our pillows. For most of us, pillows are those complimentary things we get with our new mattress.

But the truth is, pillows are Beds for our Heads. A comfortable pillow which fits our sleeping style is one of the most essential items for a good night’s sleep.

Don’t believe us?

Have you every woken up with a neck ache? The culprit just might be your sleeping partner, and I’m not talking about your significant other, it’s probably a bad pillow.

By the way, that is just the tip of the iceberg. A wrong pillow can also lead headaches, shoulder and arm numbness, back pain and more.

So how do you get the right pillow? The right pillow will depend heavily on your body type, budget, and most importantly, your sleeping style.

Consider your sleeping style

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Stomach sleepers

If you roll over and sleep with your stomach touching the mattress, then you are a legit stomach sleeper. Now because your face would be very close to the mattress when you are lying on your stomach, you need a thin and soft pillow to maintain the natural curve of your neck. Too much loft and everything is out of balance and you will wake up with neck and back soreness.

Our recommendation: Thin foam or polyester pillow will do the trick. If you want to splurge, a thin goose down pillow will feel great.

Back sleepers

If you are a back sleeper and you think any type of pillow would work with that sleeping position, then let us be the one to tell you – You are absolutely wrong. Gravity causes the tongue to disrupt your breathing and create a buzzing sound, which is technically snoring. A great solution to that problem would be to either use a wedged pillow, or two or three pillows stacked together to elevate the upper half of the body.

Our recommendation: Medium firm pillows made of latex or memory foam. These pillows will hold their loft longer than a traditional down pillow which means less adjusting during the night.

Side sleepers

When you sleep on the side, your neck needs to be firmly supported to maintain the natural curve. At the same time, since you are laying on your side and not your back, you don’t need as much elevation as back sleepers might need. Pillow height can vary here depending on how broad your shoulders are. Often, side sleepers under compensate with pillows that are too thin. If you are noticing discomfort on your side, it may be time to invest in a thicker pillow.

Our recommendation: Extra firm and contoured latex or memory foam with a high loft is the way to go.

A little bit of everything

Now, if you are someone who changes their sleeping position every hour, then don’t feel embarrassed because we have something for you as well.

What you need is a pillow that is softer and lower in the centre, and firmer and higher on the sides. This way, the pillow will be able to support your neck whether you are sleeping on your stomach, back, or on the side.

Our recommendation: Go for pillows made of varying material. These pillows can be scrunched up or flattened out quickly so you can get back to sleep.

Different types of pillows available in the market

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Memory foam

Made of polyurethane foam, memory foam pillows will conform to the shape of our head and they are often slow to recover into their original shape. These pillows maintain loft, and traditional memory foam pillows are usually made as a solid piece of foam.

Note that solid memory foam pillows are not ideal for sweaty sleepers because once memory foams get moisture, it takes a lot of time to evaporate.

Latex foam

Made of natural rubber, the latex foam is similar to memory foam but unlike memory foam, latex foam pillows do allow easy evaporation when they get wet due to sweat or saliva which are a great choice for those droolers among us.

A little rubbery, latex foam is more firm, mildew proof, and anti-microbial. Though of course, they aren’t good for people who have a latex allergy.


Polyester pillows are made of hyper allergenic fibres and they come in a variety of densities and heights. They get flattened up quickly when used, but they can also be fluffed up just as quickly. These pillows are also the least expensive and most common.


As great as it might sound, sleeping on feather pillows isn’t always that comforting. The can lose their loft quickly and if it is poor quality, the feathers can sometimes poke through as well. If you go this route, make sure to look for high quality down with a high fill power. Goose down is often a better choice than duck down.

Before you go: Pillow testing tip

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Testing a pillow by fluffing it in a mall will never give you an idea about the comfort it may or may not provide when you are actually sleeping on it. Instead, we recommend buying a pillow with a good return policy and testing it out for at least a week to check the comfort.

Of course, if you follow our tips, you are bound to end up with your perfect pillow.

What kind of pillow do you use?

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