8 Ways to Hit the Reset Button This September

While January 1st may be the official start to our new year, for many of us the start of September feels like a sort of fresh start in itself. Even if we’re no longer in school or have kids in school, this time of year feels full of new beginnings. We’re getting back into a routine after the summer months and beginning to prepare for fall and everything somehow just feels crisp and full of possibilities.

In the spirit of this end of summer reset, we thought we’d put together some tips on how you can make the most of this fresh start. September may no longer mean new school supplies and homeroom classes, but it’s undoubtedly an opportunity for new beginnings.

Re-establish a routine

For many of us, our routines go right out the window during the summer, and that’s the way it should be! Part of the joy of summer is letting go of the structure we normally assign to our lives and simply going with the flow and soaking up those long summer days.

This is lovely in the short term, but by September, many of us are ready to get back to a little more routine and structure. It feels good to get back to “real life” and a set schedule, but rather than just going back into your pre-summer routine, why not take this as an opportunity to re-evaluate how you would like your routine to look. Maybe you’d like to add in a morning walk, adjust your sleep schedule, or commit to making your lunches the night before so you’re not grabbing take out every day.

Take a look at what could be adjusted in your schedule and then implement it into your routine. You don’t need to go overboard- demanding too much change or perfection of yourself isn’t likely to stick- just a couple of adjustments here and there to help things run a little more smoothly.

Declutter your closet

A season change is the perfect time to go through your wardrobe and clear out anything that you no longer want or need. You can start with your summer clothes and ask yourself which clothes never left the closet this season- chances are if you didn’t wear them this year, you won’t be wearing them next year either.

Continue to go through your closet and organize your clothing into the following three piles: keep, keep but needs mending, and give away/donate. You’d be surprised at how freeing it feels to rid your clothing of excess clutter, and as a bonus, your unworn clothing will go to somehow who will actually wear it.

Deep clean your home

It’s amazing the effect than your physical surroundings can have on your own feelings and emotions, and there is something so satisfying and purifying about giving your house a good deep clean. Make a list of all the areas of your home that need a little extra attention and give your home a good detox. While you’re cleaning, you can also get rid of anything you no longer need that’s just taking up space.

If cleaning’s not your thing (we don’t blame you!) make the time go by faster by listening to your favorite music or a good podcast. These little distractions will help take your mind off the task at hand and you may actually find that you’re enjoying yourself.

Want to give your cleaning products a little makeover too? If you’re interested in natural cleaning solutions, check out our non-toxic cleaning guide here.


While we’re on the theme of decluttering, let’s talk about decluttering your head space. Meditation is what immediately jumps to mind when you think about calming the mind, but for many people this can feel daunting or just plain uninteresting. If sitting in silence isn’t for you (or if it is, but you’re interested in adding in more self-care modalities), consider journaling. Journaling is an amazing way of clearing out the noise in your mind and connecting to yourself, and it’s a great tool to consider for your “new year” reset.

When you’re journaling, try not to monitor or control what you write about. One of the most profound and meditative forms of journaling is to simply free write- let whatever wants to come out of you come out without censoring or questioning it. You may be surprised at some buried feelings and ideas that were in you just waiting for a chance to express themselves!

Check in with your diet

We’re never here to advocate for strict diet rules, but checking in now and then to see what is and isn’t working can help to keep you feeling your best. We often fall into certain eating habits and then go on autopilot without really questioning whether or not they’re working for us.

Taking some time to go over what and how you’ve been eating and how it’s been making you feel can help to highlight any areas that can use improving. Maybe you decide you’re going to try eating more local foods, add in a supplement, schedule nightly family dinners, try out some new recipes, or nix that third cup of coffee that seems to keep you up at night. Minor adjustments can really go a long way.

Get some more sleep

There’s no better way to give your life a little refresh than actually getting refreshed. Clocking a few more hours of sleep will do wonders for your mood, your health, your energy, and your all-around happiness. Many of us have a lot of late nights during the summer months, and September is the perfect time to begin easing into cozy hygge mode, which includes some earlier nights and good solid sleep.

If you’ve been struggling with sleep, now is also a good time to take a look at how you can address these issues. Sleep problems can have lots of different causes and getting to the root of your problem will help you to get your best night’s rest. We’ve got lots of great sleep tips on our blog, from how to naturally balance your melatonin to how to improve the quality of your sleep and so much more.

Our favorite tip for a good night’s sleep? Choosing the perfect bedding! Our line of European linen and organic cotton sheets, paired with our responsibly sourced down duvets and pillows, will leave you feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud!

Book a spa day.

We can’t think of a better way to indulge in a little fall refresh. No explanation needed.J

Sign up for a new class

While September may no longer mean back-to-school, it doesn’t mean it can’t! Fall is a great time to check out a new course or class. Sign up for a Pilates class, learn photography, or check out some of the free workshops available at your local library or community center- the options are endless! If you’re not interested in a formal class, you can also pick up a new hobby on your own. Maybe that means starting a herb garden, reading more, or trying your hand at blogging- whatever excites you is the way to go!

We hope these tips help to inspire your own September. Refresh!

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