7 Ways to Have a Zero Waste Summer

Are you looking for some simple ways to cut down on waste this summer? We’ve put together a list of ways for you to ditch the waste and have a zero waste summer!

Stay local

When you’re planning your vacation this summer, why not opt for a local trip? Travel is one of the most carbon heavy activities, so planning a local trip is a great way to stay low waste! Taking a camping trip, staying at a nearby Air BNB, or planning a staycation in your own town are all fun ways to have

Eat local

Eating local is an amazing way to cut down on waste, while also supporting local businesses! And summer is the perfect time to stock up on local produce. Check out farmers markets in your area and enjoy some fresh, locally grown produce.

Go berry picking

What’s even more local than going to the farmers market? Picking your own fruit! Berry picking is a fun summer activity, and it’s about as zero waste as it gets! You can find a U-Pick in your area, or even find wild berry bushes.

Get a bike

Cut down on your carbon footprint, get in some exercise, and have fun by switching from driving to biking this summer! It’s a great way to get around town, and it’s the perfect zero waste activity.

Choose eco-friendly summer products

You can really cut down on waste over the summer by switching to eco friendly products- or even making your own! Buying locally made, natural products lets you cut down on chemical use and reduce your carbon footprint. Swap out products like sunscreen, bug spray, tick spray, and after-sun lotion.

You can also get zero waste items for summer activities like reusable water bottles, reusable straws, travel mugs, reusable cutlery, beeswax wraps, and fabric bags.

Plant a vegetable garden

Growing your own produce is such a fun and satisfying summer activity, and it’s about as zero waste and local as it gets! Regardless of the size of your home, you can grow some type of produce. If you’re in an apartment, you can start a window side herb garden, and if you have a yard you can grow fruits and vegetables.

Host a beach clean up

Do good for the environment while enjoying some outdoor activity by hosting a local beach or park clean up!   

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