5 Ways Organic Sheets May Improve Your Health

You shop at a local co-op grocery store, buying only fresh & organic foods. You recycle and compost. You take vitamins and exercise regularly. You do everything you can to keep your body healthy and free from chemicals. And every night you sleep on sheets that could be negatively impacting your well-being.


Conventionally produced cotton is known to be an environmentally “dirty” crop. The ratio of pesticides and chemicals used compared to crop yields are some of the highest going. It consumes a lot of water, often leading to drought and barren wastelands if improperly managed. The farmers who tend the crops suffer from exposure to toxic chemicals, often resulting in illness. And after harvesting, the cotton is washed in a bath of dangerous compounds, removing strength and durability from the fibers. It’s processed even further when it’s dyed and turned into fabric for clothing and bedding.


Where do you think those chemicals end up?


It’s recommended that people get 56 hours of sleep each week (eight hours every night). Imagine spending all that time lying on sheets that are slowly leeching chemical residue onto your skin. It’s very possible. The vapors from these substances could be entering your body each and every time you lay down. The next time you cuddle up with someone you love in your bed, remember that you could be cuddling with these hazardous chemicals too.


Allergy sufferer? You sheets might be contributing to your pain. Many people with skin sensitivities find them exacerbated by conventionally produced cotton sheets. Why is that? It could be any number of causes. It could be the chemical residue leftover from processing. It could be the fibers, rough and brittle from processing, irritating and itching your skin. Whatever the cause, do yourself a favor by making the switch to organic cotton sheets. You won’t regret the change. Here are a few reasons why.


Organic bedding feels amazing

The next time you’re at your crunchy co-op, see if they have any organic cotton t-shirts or clothing. Run your fingers over the fabric and feel the difference. It’s unbelievably soft and smooth. It has a texture that feels flexible, yet durable. It might even feel a little bit thicker than the tee you’re currently rocking. Imagine laying down in a bed made softer by that? Seems like a pretty good deal. That’s because organic cotton products are made to be better.  


Organic bedding is a better product

One of the biggest complaints conventional cotton users have about their bedding, aside from comfort, is how durable it is. Or how durable it isn’t. On a cheap set of sheets, wear marks can start showing within a month. These eventually lead to thin spots and lastly, holes. What good are sheets if they’ve got holes in them? Not much. And what about the stiffness? Sometimes conventionally produced sheets can be so stiff and thin it feels like you’re covering yourself with newspaper. Organic cotton sheets are the opposite of that. Long-lasting fibers are spun into intricate weaves, allowing for a more breathable and softer sheet.


Organic bedding is better for the environment

Cotton that is mass produced has a number of negative impacts on the planet. Organic cotton solves many of those issues. Instead of harsh synthetic fertilizers and chemicals, like pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides, organic farmers use natural means to cultivate and protect their crops. By working in concert with nature, rather than against it, they can maintain an ecological balance.


Organic bedding is safer

Nobody wants to be around chemical vapors, including the men and women who grow cotton. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), cotton has one of the higher rates of toxic exposure for agricultural workers. And to make it even worse, the factories that process the cotton into textiles aren’t much better. With so many chemicals in the supply chain, can you really be sure that the conventionally produced cotton sheets you’re buying are really safe? Avoid the question entirely by purchasing organic. Those crops are harvested by hand and cultivated with the help of nature. Not chemicals.


Organic bedding is sustainable

The resources needed to produce just one season’s yield of conventional cotton is staggering. On average, it takes a quarter of a pound of chemicals just to get enough cotton for one t-shirt! That’s a lot of waste. Not to mention the water that is contaminated in that process. Organic cotton is grown with the environment in mind, so by the time the seed is in the ground, it’s already sustainable. Water use is carefully regulated and monitored, ensuring that nothing dangerous contaminates the water table.


Think about it.


On one hand, you can keep purchasing the same old conventional cotton sheets. They won’t be as comfortable and you’ll have to replace them frequently, but hey, you saved maybe $30. Of course, if you have to keep replacing them, then there really isn’t any savings at all. And if you factor in a better nights’ sleep, then you’re really coming out on the losing end. On the other hand, if you spend a little bit more and get some high-quality, organically produced sheets, you’d be able to get attached to your bedding. It will last longer, feel better on your skin and leave you feeling refreshed and rested every morning. Make the change to organic sheets ASAP. Your body will be glad you did.

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