16 Eco-Friendly Graduation Gifts

It’s graduation season, and if you have an important grad in your life, you’re probably wondering what to get them. Graduation is a huge milestone in life, so you’re likely looking for a gift that’s meaningful and aligns with their personal beliefs and lifestyle.

Luckily, green and eco-friendly living has really established itself in the mainstream in recent years, and many grads consider making eco-friendly choices to be a non-negotiable. If this rings true for your grad, keep reading! We’ve put together a list of the best eco-friendly graduation gifts.


Gardening equipment

For the grad who likes to get their hands dirty, why not set them up with everything they need to start their own garden! Learning to garden is a skill they can enjoy for the rest of their lives, while contributing to the environment and growing their own organic food. Garden books, classes, and supplies are all great ideas!


CSA box

If gardening isn’t their thing but you know they’d still appreciate fresh organic produce, you could set them up instead with a weekly CSA box. They’ll receive boxes every week filled with organic produce from local farmers, cutting down on their grocery bill while supporting the environment and local growers (and ensuring they actually eat their veggies!).

Search CSA + [your area] for a listing of local suppliers.


Reusable kitchen accessories

We go through so much unnecessary waste on a daily basis, and one way to significantly cut down on this is by investing in reusable accessories. Things like metal straws, beeswax food wrap, microfibre clothes, metal water bottles, and tea strainers can reduce the need for every day disposable items. You can choose one or put together a gift basket of reusable eco-friendly items!


Water purifier

We all know that drinking enough water is good for us, but unfortunately our water systems often leave a lot to be desired. Gifting a water purifier will help your grad to not only drink enough water but to make sure that the water they are drinking is of the highest quality.


Non-Toxic Cookware

Graduation doesn’t just mean transitioning from school to “real life,” it often also means transitioning from a diet of pizza and microwavable meals to “real cooking.” Set them up for success with non-toxic cookware that will help them prepare healthy meals without any chemical leaching, which can occur when using conventional cookware.



Sure, a car is an exciting gift, but a bike is a much more environmentally friendly (and affordable) way to get around. Give the gift of eco-friendly transportation with a brand new, or refurbished, bike.


Organic cotton bedding

Of course, we couldn’t have a list without including out fair trade organic bedding! After living in dorm beds for four years, it’s time for grads to swap out their college bedding for something a little more grown up. Our line of organic bedding comes in a variety of style, colors, and sizes, and you’ll rest easy knowing that they’re sleeping on pesticide and chemical free materials.


Classes and workshops

Gifts don’t have to be material items! Instead, you can gift classes or workshops for a skill that your grad is interested in learning. Photography, cooking, dancing, homesteading, knitting- you name it, there’s a class for it.


Organic spa treatments

Graduation deserves a little pampering, and there’s no better way than with a gift card to an organic spa in your area. The spa industry is listening to the demand from consumers and more and more places are offering natural, chemical free treatments. Treat your grad to an organic facial, hydrotherapy treatment, and more.


Camping gear

Many recent grads catch the travel bug, and we can’t think of a more eco-friendly travel option than camping! Help them explore the great outdoors with camping gear- canvas tents, backpacks made from recycled materials, bamboo utensils, organic outdoor clothing, and metal food containers are all examples of eco-friendly camping gear that will set them up for some great adventures.


Computer glasses

One of the many factors contributing to poor sleep is the use of computers and smart phones before bed- the light given off by the screens messes with our melatonin and sleep cycles and can keep us from being able to switch off at night. Computer glasses help to minimize these effects by blocking the melatonin supressing light waves, so they can use their screens and then enjoy a good night’s sleep.


A drying rack

Okay, this might not be the most exciting gift, but it is the gift that keeps on giving because it can help to cut down on future energy bills! A drying rack will allow them to skip running their dryer and reduce wear and tear on their clothing (as we pointed out in Everything You Need to Know About Laundry, your clothes really appreciate air drying!).


Essential oils

Essential oils are an amazing addition to an eco-friendly lifestyle and can be used for everything from natural beauty treatments to DIY cleaning products to emotional and physical support. Set your grad up with the healing power of essential oils with things like an essential oils book, diffuser, and the oils themselves.


A family heirloom

One of he most eco-friendly, and meaningful gifts, is a keepsake that you already own. Maybe there’s a piece of jewelry that’s been passed through the family, or a beloved book that you received as a grad. Passing on a treasured item cuts down on consumption and is something they will cherish forever.


Handmade gifts

You can also give a purchase-free gift by making something by hand. A knitted scarf, piece of jewelry, photo album, or piece of furniture are all examples of gifts that can be made rather than purchased. Just make sure you’re using eco-friendly materials in whichever project you choose.


Charitable donation

A charitable donation in your grad’s name is a meaningful gift that can be tailored to their personal passions and beliefs. At SOL, we give $7.50 from each set of bedding sold to one of four charities that are close to our heart: Children’s Defence Fund, Hope for Justice, Water4, and The Fund for Animals. If you’re looking for ideas, these are a great place to start! Or talk to your grad about the charity/cause that is closest to their heart. 

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