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Organic & Sustainable Fibers

Percale Cotton

Best Seasons:All-rounder

Feel: To the touch, Percale feels wonderfully crisp and soft, with a matte finish. Perfect for summer time, these feel cool and light against your skin.

Sleeps: A little cooler than Sateen

Percale is made with a one-over-one-under structure which results in a crisp, lightweight, breathable feel.

Sateen Cotton

Best Seasons:All-rounder

Feel: Buttery-soft and silky-smooth. Great for winter snuggling, but comes with a breathability that helps you keep cool on summer nights too.

Sleeps:A little warmer than Percale

Our organic cotton Sateen sheets are made with a one-under-three-over-yarn weave which makes in slightly more tightly woven and a little heavier than Percale.


Best Seasons: Summer

Feel: Light and airy, our linen is casual and luxurious, capturing the fabric’s breezy, timeless appeal.

Sleeps: Cool

Say goodbye to sweating at night. Cooling & breathable, linen gets softer and softer with each wash. This timeless fabric will invite you to stay in bed just a little longer, every time.


Best Seasons: Winter

Feel:Velvety yet breathable, for that oh-so-soft cozy snuggle.


We’ve woven our long-stable, organic cotton into the coziest, most breathable brushed flannel in the world. These sheets will rescue your cold toes, wrapping you in an extra dose of warmth and coziness.

What We Care Deeply About

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Our Mission: Ethical Luxury

In 2010, SOL founders Vishal Naithani and Sachin Chauhan set out on a mission to bring ethical integrity to a marketplace saturated with poor treatment of workers, “dirty” cotton, and greenwashing. SOL was founded on three key principles:

1. A transparent supply chain from farm to factory to fabric
2. Fair labor practices
3. Suppliers who are certified (FLO, Oeko Tex and Fair Trade) experts in sustainable fibers.