Making a World of Difference

Certified Fair Trade Organic Cotton

At SOL, we’re invested in the well-being of our source partners,
locally and globally, working with them to grow and prosper.



Empowering Workers

Fair Trade Organic Farms

SOL Organics partners with organic farms and fair-trade cooperatives investing in women, seed and
sustainability. The cooperatives provide support for cotton farmers to switch to organic and fair trade practices.


Certified Fair Trade Organic Cotton, Organic Cotton Farmers

Certified Organic Cotton Farmers

Fair Trade Certified Farms

• Guarantees income & micro-financing to entrepreneurial farmers

• Sustained resource management of soil & water

• Only uses non-genetically modified seeds

• Only uses natural pesticides & fertilizers


Conserving Resources

Fair Trade Factory

Our factory produces high quality products, observes the highest social, economic and
environmental standards. It is certified organic, fair trade and also carbon neutral.


Certified Fair Trade Organic Cotton Bedding Sheets

Certified Fair Trade Organic Cotton & Fair Trade Organic Cotton Mill

Fair Trade Certified Factory

• No child or forced labor

• Fair-trade wages

• Social compliance working hours

• No discrimination of race, age, sex, religion or political affiliation

• Clean work environment