Ethically Made from Seed to Sheet, Organic Cotton Boll, SOL Organics

Ethically made, from Seed to Sheet

Our Cotton

It’s our mission to make the softest and most durable organic cotton sheets at a price that’s fair to everyone. How do we make that happen? SOL uses only the finest Fair Trade Certified organic cotton that has been grown from non-GMO cotton seeds.

Organic Cotton Process, Non-GMO Seed, Rain Fed Irrigation, No Forced or Child Labor, Healthy Soil, Natural Fertilizer

No forced or child
labor is ever used.


Natural, untreated
non-GMO cotton seeds
are planted into the soil.


The cotton plant grows
using rain-fed irrigation
to preserve drinking

Weed Control

Our soil is healthy
allowing for easy removal
of weeds by hand.


The soil retains
moisture through
natural crop


SOL cotton only uses
natural fertilizer.


Our cotton plants are
harvested naturally
through the use of
water management.

It takes more than thread count to make the perfect sheet.

How do we get our sheets to be so soft and strong? It's all in the details.

  • SOL Organic Cotton Fine Long Staple Bedding Set
    Long-Lasting Comfort

    Sheets get their strength and durability from their fibers. Shorter fiber strands tend to stray out of the weave, leading to coarser fabric. SOL uses only long staple fibers in the production of our organic cotton sheets.

  • SOL Organic Cotton Single Ply Bed Sheets
    Light, Breathable Fabric

    Each long staple cotton fiber is made into single ply yarn. Why? Because it produces light, long-lasting sheets. Fabrics that use 2 or 3 ply yarn result in heavy, coarse fabrics. Who wants that?

  • SOL Organic Cotton Single Ply 60s Yarn Bed Linens
    A Soft, Smooth Surface

    We spin our single ply yarn into a fine thread. Why does thread size matter? Compare a bulky jute rug with a silk scarf. The silk scarf is lighter and smoother, right? The finer the thread, the lighter and softer the resulting fabric.

  • SOL Organic Cotton Single Ply 300 Thread Count Bedding Sheet Set
    Maximum Comfort

    Higher thread count doesn’t mean higher quality. Unlike other companies who use 2 or 3 ply threads to increase their thread count (which produces a coarse sheet), all SOL organic cotton sheets have a 300 thread count and are all made of single ply yarn.

  • SOL Organic Cotton Sateen Bed Sheet Set
    A Silky Smooth Sheen

    A sheet’s weave is directly tied to how it looks and feels. Our weave is 100% organic cotton sateen, which produces a silky smooth sheen perfect for year round comfort.