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Making Organic Bedding Affordable and Sustainable for All:
The Sol Organics Story

SOL Organics was founded in 2010 by two friends, Vishal Naithani and Sachin Chauhan, with three important goals in mind:

  1. Create the most luxuriously comfortable sheets and bedding.
  2. Do it using only Fair Trade Certified™ 100% organic, non-GMO and eco-friendly long-staple cotton, without the use of harmful chemicals that destroy the earth or unsafe labor practices that put people’s lives and livelihood at risk—especially children.
  3. All while disrupting the tired old bedding industry, by making organic bedding affordable – a fair price for producers and consumers alike, while also giving back a portion of our proceeds to organizations that make an impact in providing comfort to those in need.

Our mantra:

Organic for the Planet, Fair Trade for the Farmer, and Awesome for You.

Armed with passion, a background in sustainable fibers and a relentless drive to revolutionize the bedding industry, Vishal and Sachin set out to make their affordable organic bedding.

What they found was an industry inflated with gimmicks (and thread count), lack of supply chain transparency and incredibly high markups. Worse still—the bedding industry as a whole relied on conventional cotton and traditional farming methods—both of which have devastating human & environmental effects.

“I can’t help but think about the people making those products. Who are they? What are their working conditions? Are children involved? Hazardous chemicals? How can I be sure? How can my customers be sure?” –Vishal Naithani, Co-Founder

After searching a database for organic textile suppliers, the founders contacted hundreds of factories and ran them through an extensive list of non-negotiable requirements. These included second-party certification by FLO, GOTS, Oeko Texand Fair Trade. Their exhaustive, educational search yielded three contenders in India. So they hopped on a plane and visited them. Surprise!

One factory had everything they were looking for: a transparent supply chain from farm to factory to fabric, using only non-GMO, certified raw 100% organic cotton, manufactured in a FLO-certified factory. Everything felt great—especially the superior comfort and quality of the fabric.

Our Promise To You

SOL stands for Sustained Organic Living.

Our brand promise—and namesake—means that our products are made using only Fair Trade Certified™ labor on the farms and in the factories.

That means our factory partners make a living wage, and do not employ children for labor. We’re working with proven partners in India that invest in the health and well-being of women and children, and we’re committed to eradicating child labor.

SOL means we only use the finest 100% organic long-staple cotton, grown from non-GMO cottonseeds. That means our customers enjoy the highest level of comfort without comprising our commitment to better farming practices that reduce our carbon footprint, conserve and protect drinking water and keep us all safe from harmful chemicals.


At SOL, we refuse to mark up what it costs for our products to be Fair Trade and organic beyond the initial premium. Seriously. That means, for our customers, luxury organic cotton bedding is now more affordable than ever.

It also means fewer profits for us. And we couldn’t feel better about it. We donate our premium—$7.50—for every single bedding purchase made on our site, to one of four charitable organizations that support the Fair Trade and conservation causes that we are passionate about.

“Affordability is the tipping point. It promotes access, which in turn creates demand and conversion to organic cotton. It creates a symbiosis in which everyone wins: the farmer, the consumer and the earth.” –Sachin Chahaun, Co-Founder

Turns out, you can have it all:

The Fair Price Model


Same Quality Different Prices

*Certified Organic Cotton Premiums paid are $7.50 from both models

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The Sōl Organics Story

We are a Minneapolis startup with an innovative formula of pricing which is causing a lot of disrupters to lose sleep:

“Organic luxury starting at a $99 price point”.

Started by two friends from Minneapolis with a background in sustainable fibers and a passion for creating beautiful products that aligns with our mantra:

Organic for the Planet, Fair Trade for the Farmer, & Awesome for You.

“We saw the gimmickry around thread counts, lack of supply chain transparency and the mark ups being taken by companies on the Fair Trade premium”, said Vishal Naithani. “Either the sheets were well made and overpriced, or made with inflated thread counts using conventional cotton, which has devastating human and environmental effect. We felt there had to be a better way.

To get it right, sheets were purchased from high end retailers such as Frette, Pottery Barn, Macys and others. The sheets were sent to a top international textile lab and deconstructed for thread counts, staple, weave and construction.

The common thread in all luxury sheets was long staple cotton using 60’s to 80’s yarn with single ply construction. Sateen was the clear favorite. Majority of the sheets over 400 thread count had floating threads called “picks” used to inflate the thread count without adding any value to the quality.

We searched the Organic Textile database and contacted hundreds of factories and sent them through our internal check list, (Flo-certified, GOTS certified, Oeko Tex Certified, Fair Trade Certified Cotton among many others). After an exhaustive and educational search for the right supplier we narrowed down to three favorites, got on a plane, and gave them a surprise visit. One factory passed with flying colors. It had everything we were looking for, a transparent supply chain from farm to fabric using only non-GMO seed certified raw organic cotton manufactured in a FLO-certified factory. Sol was born!

“Our aha moment was when we created the Fair Price Model. No markups on fair trade premium. No mark up on the extra cost for GOTS certified organic cotton. Just great quality sheets at a fair price.”

The Fair Price Model


Same Quality Different Prices

*Certified Organic Cotton Premiums paid are $7.50 from both models

Live well, spend less

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