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Organic for the Planet - Fair Trade for the Farmer - Affordable luxury for you

At SOL, our mission is to take organic cotton mainstream.
But it’s not only our mission—it’s our passion. To make organic cotton a reality for all, we want it to be within everyone’s reach.

Founded by Sachin and Vishal—two friends with a deep respect for the planet and the environment—our company has been in
the health and wellness market for over 20 years, starting as a manufacturer of beeswax candles. That’s where our story begins.

Honey Bee, Believe SOL Organic Cotton Sheets, Fair Trade, Affordable
We bee-lieve
healthy hives.

You’ve likely heard the expression “colony collapse.” A few years ago, bee colonies were dying off at an alarming rate. The plight of bees worried us, not only for our livelihood, but also for the health of the global food system.

Studies have linked colony collapse to the overuse of pesticides and herbicides. What crop employs the majority of these toxins? Cotton.

As global citizens, we asked: What if supporting the production of organic cotton also supported bees?

Since 2012, SOL has made a sustainable difference by producing luxury organic cotton products.

That means we uphold fair trade practices with our partners in India, who also reap the benefits of organic production.

It also means that our customers sleep easier on soft, smooth organic sheets they can afford.

To us, that’s luxury without compromise.

It simply makes sense: Our families strive to eat chemical-free, organic vegetables and foods. Why would we sleep in or wear anything else?

stands for
Sustained Organic Living.

Join the SOL movement.
Do it for the bees, for your family, for yourself—and for the earth. With SOL, organic cotton is now within reach of us all.