sol organic cotton bedding

Washing SOL Organic Cotton
  • Wash sheets in cold water with half the recommended amount of detergent.
  • We suggest washing your bed linens separate from other laundry to avoid any pilling due to abrasion with other materials and fabrics.
  • Do not use bleach or whiteners as they can weaken and damage fibers over time and also cause yellowing.
  • If using a washing machine with an agitator (the device in the center of top loading washer that spins and rotates), we recommend washing linens in a mesh bag to avoid any twisting of the fabric around the agitator.
  • However, If the pillow case seams do get twisted, you can easily iron them out.
  • The ideal method to dry is to line or hang dry the linens avoiding direct sunlight (direct sunlight can cause fading or yellowing over time).
  • If machine drying, we suggest low tumble dry.
  • High heat can damage and shrink the fabric.
  • We also recommend not using fabric softeners, as the coat the fabric with chemicals and don’t allow the fabric to breathe.
  • Your sheets will naturally get softer over time with each washing.
  • Do not overload machine - provide the linens room to dry properly with our excess time, heat and rotations.

  • Drying SOL Organic Cotton

    Ironing SOL Organic Cotton
  • Ironing is generally not required. However for those of you who enjoy freshly pressed sheets, we recommend ironing with heat (or steam).
  • Do not use starch as this may dry out the fabric and cause threads to break or fray.
  • Starch may also feel scratchy to those with sensitive skin.
  • As mentioned above, if using a washing machine with an agitator, linens may appear twisted.
  • The best way to alleviate this, is by ironing along the seams and edges to keep strait elegant lines.
  • We suggest keeping in a cool, dry place, avoiding any direct sunlight, but also allow the fabric to breathe.

  • Storing SOL Organic Cotton