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Ready to make a difference?

sol organics are 100% organic, Fair Trade Certified and sustainable-driven. If you love super soft sheets and making purchases that make a diverence in the world, you've come to the right place!

three reasons to shop with SOL:

As you know, we are purveyors of fine, soft, 100% organic bedding, but it goes even deeper than that.


Conventional cotton contains hazardous chemicals that strip the land of its growing power, which also increases costs for the farmer & leaves unsafe residue.


Child labor is an epidemic in the textile industry. We believe children should be in school getting and education, and living a happy, care-free life.


All our partners have second-party certification by FLO, GOTS, Oeko Tex & Fair Trade. Which means that you can get to sleep at night.

our passion!

Luxuriously soft, organic sheets are our life's work. We've done the research, we've met the magicians that weave our environmentally-friendly, organic cotton into cloud-soft magic, and now, we have the softest sheets ever!

a bed worth making!

Our sheets are soft AND strong, but how? Simply put, long staple, single ply yarn makes longer lasting, lighter, softer sheets, it's as simple as that! Want to learn more about the science?

value &values

Unlike other high-end bedding companies, SOL never marks up the premium cost paid for certified organic cotton. This keeps our luxurious, ethically made bedding affordable for you. Here's how we do it: