Sound Sleep: Get Yours in 6 Easy Steps

January 31, 2017

Our increasingly hectic lives are leaving us short on much needed sleep. Sound sleep is vital for our health and over all well being. Sleep is a time for our bodies to rejuvenate and renew itself. Sound sleep means quality sleep and it’s an essential piece of the wellness equation.

Below are 6 simple but effective changes you can make right now to get sound sleep.

Leave your computers and phone out of the bedroom

The bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place to switch off from the world. Phones and computers are guilty of being sleep disruptors. LED Screens emit electromagnetic radiation and blue light which disrupt the body’s circadian cycles and interfere with the creation of melatonin.  A better idea is to catch up on the latest New York Times’ bestseller book you have been meaning to read. When you keep stimulating electronics out of your bedroom, you begin to associate that space with relaxation and sleep.

Get in the sleep zone

Buy an organic cotton eye mask and cover those eyes. When our brains senses darkness, it tells our body to produce melatonin, a chemical that naturally induces sleep.  If you live in a noisy part of town, ear plugs work wonders. If you don’t like how they feel, consider a white noise machine that will drown out back ground sounds. It doesn’t have to be fancy, a fan will do the trick. Blocking noises and light help your brain power down so you can get to sleep faster. This is especially beneficial to people who work night shifts that need to sleep during the day.  You can use your trusted organic cotton eye mask with ear plugs when you travel as well.


Try Aromatherapy

Research has found that lavender essential oils increase slow wave sleep, the deep slumber sleep which is known to slow our heart rates down and relax our muscles.    Using a couple of drops in an aromatherapy fan diffuser or sprinkling some lavender in a tissue and putting under your pillow will make your room smell great and help you get to sleep.

Buy a new pillow.

A bad pillow can keep you tossing and turning at night making you sluggish the next day. Different types of sleepers have different pillow needs. People who sleep on their stomachs need a flat pillow which is thin, side sleeper usually need a thicker one for proper neck support.  Try several pillows before deciding the one which works for you. A lot of companies have generous return policies take advantage of them, make sure you use pillow covers.

Invest in a set of Luxury Bedding

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed and just as much time on our bed sheets. SOL’s Organic Cotton sheets are made from the finest handpicked organic cotton making them soft and breathable.  They are free of harmful pesticides, toxic dyes and are affordable.  Higher thread count sheets do not breathe as well and make your bed uncomfortably hot. 

These changes aren’t drastic but together they have a compounding effect. You will fall asleep faster, sleep better and feel more refreshed for the day ahead. It’s an upward cycle that will reap benefits beyond the bedroom.

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