Organic is the Better Choice

January 18, 2017

Organic is the Better Choice

If you're on the hunt for a comfortable and durable set of sheets, you have likely considered both polyester and organic cotton options. Both have their respective advantages, but for people with sensitive skin -- and those who prioritize eco-friendly living -- organic cotton sheets are the preferred option for the following reasons:


During long summer nights, few things are worse than tossing and turning on polyester sheets that don't breathe. Although certain polyester garments are designed to wick sweat away, this is rarely true of polyester or polyester blend sheets. Organic cotton, however, provides superior comfort in all weather conditions, as it is uniquely breathable.

Sensitive Skin

Organic cotton is a nice option for those with sensitive skin, and not simply because it is more breathable than polyester. Because there is no use of pesticides and harsh chemicals during production, organic cotton sheets are less likely to trigger allergic reactions. Even those who lack sensitive skin find that organic cotton sheets feel far better -- thanks, largely, to a complete lack of toxic residues.


Color may fade quickly in organic cotton sheets, but they otherwise offer a nice blend of comfort and durability, allowing a single set of sheets to last for years. Polyester is more likely to develop unsightly pilling and to shed microfibers in the wash. For this reason, organic cotton is a better option for long-term comfort.


Organic cotton is notoriously eco-friendly, as it is produced without chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides. Furthermore, processing after harvest is conducted in a safe and eco-friendly manner, free of toxic bleaches and dyes. There is a certain satisfaction that comes with knowing that every aspect of your life is eco-friendly, even bedtime. 

Sadly, studies indicate that microfibers from polyester products are shed in the washing machine and, from there, travel to wastewater plants and eventually, bodies of water. These fibers harm the food chain at all levels, bioaccumulating until they are exceedingly toxic for larger animals. A University of Exeter study found that crabs' behavior was severely altered when they consumed food contaminated by microfibers, which are believed to concentrate PCBs that are then concentrated in animals' tissues. 

Newer sheets do not shed microfibers to the same extent as older products, but they remain terrible for the environment. Energy intensive production processes involve harsh chemicals and the heavy use of energy and water. 

Polyester is simply not a good choice for an environmentally friendly and comfortable bedroom. The right set of organic cotton sheets will allow you to consistently get a comfortable night's sleep and feel rejuvenated for the day ahead, all while enjoying the satisfaction of leading an eco-friendly life.

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