How your Buying Decisions Impact the World

March 08, 2016

How your Buying Decisions
Impact the World

Everyone is talking about Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar acceptance speech. After thanking his crew and mentors he turned his attention to Climate Change, a topic he speaks about with a burning passion. He urged the public to support leaders that stand up for underprivileged, instead of big polluters, and to not take the planet for granted.

This stance dives into the much bigger topic of social and environmental change. When you read or watch the news, it may seem that the world’s problems are too vast for one individual’s efforts to make a difference.

We are here to tell you that your choices do matter. Your buying decisions can directly influence the lives of others for the better. When you consciously purchase organic and fair trade product (such as food, clothing & household goods), you are taking a powerful position that affects countless lives. If you share your buying decision on social media, you encourage your network of friends and followers to make those same purchases. Your one positive action can create momentum for change to happen.

How to Become
an Eco-Friendly Buyer.

The first step in becoming an environmentally conscious consumer, is to do your research. Where can you find local organic produce? What clothing stores in your area or online use sustainable fabric? What home goods products are using fair trade practices in their supply chain?

We are lucky to live in a world where information is directly at our fingertips. You have the power to educate yourself on brands that do their part to put our planet first.

At SOL Organics, we believe in producing organic for the planet, fair trade for the farmer, and affordable for you. How do we do that when producing our cotton bed sheets? Let’s dive in.

Organic for the Planet

SOL Organics works with NGO Cooperatives that teach sustainable and organic farming practices. Using rain-fed irrigation along with natural weed and pest control, farmers are preventing soil erosion and preserving the water quality in communities.

Purchasing one organic cotton sheet set, prevents 1 lb. of pesticide from going into the soil. The end result is a healthier community as well as a better product for you the consumer.

This is why all of our bed sheets and pillowcases have the GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) “Certified Organic” & “Fair Trade” seal.

Fair Trade for the Farmer

Over 40 million small farmers produce, over 60% of the world’s cotton. The majority of these individuals live below the poverty line, in communities that do not offer much education or hope for the future. That just doesn’t sit right with us.

Buying product made with Fair Trade cotton means having the highest of quality cotton fiber, while helping farmers around the world receive fair pay for their hard work. Fair Trade & Fair wages means farming communities can have access to healthcare, medicine and education.

Buying Fair Trade Certified products, means helping disadvantaged farmers build a stronger community that can offer a better future for their families.

Organic Cotton Bed Linens Collection

Affordable Prices With Social Change

When most people hear the term luxurious organic cotton bedding, they immediately think expensive. SOL Organics is changing the model. We’ve found a way to streamline our supply chain and operational costs to provide you luxurious organic sheets at a price much lower than other retailers. We believe fair trade for the farmer, coupled with fair price for the consumer will increase organic cotton demand and production, making it affordable for all.

Once individuals realize the environmental, social, and health benefits that come with organic cotton, consumers will begin demanding more from their favorite brands.

SOL Organic Cotton Sheets



SOL Organic Cotton Sheets

Organic Cotton Sheets Affordability Tipping Point

Your buying decisions have an incredible impact thanks to our ability to share. When you purchase from SOL Organics, you choose to pay for certified organic materials and pay fair trade wages and costs. You are consciously making a difference in this world. Sharing your purchase on social media further creates a standard for awareness and action.

You can be an agent and an ambassador for social and environmental change. Share your love for our products with friends and family members online. Help us spread the word. You have the power to create a better life for others.

Our choices do make a difference. They inspire change.

Take a stand & make an impact today.
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